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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Food: Fat Boy's The Burger Bar @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Dear friends and readers (well, we consider readers as friends too :)), 

We thank you for all your prayers and kind condolences on our last post. While we still mourn the loss of dear Jayden a week after he has departed, we know he is in far a better place now. With a heightened appreciation of loved ones and living life, we restart our regular posts once again. Jayden is gone, but never forgotten.

Much love,
Adam & Wendy


Ever since we joined our first every motor hunt last year, we've always been on the lookout for new hunts to participate in. Well, in the beginning of March, we finally got the chance to take part in the Publika Half-Day Motor Hunt! As is the case norm with all motor hunts, a briefing is held a couple days before the event. That's when we found the chance to give Fat Boy's The Burger Bar a try. =D

Originating from Singapore, Fat Boy's The Burger Bar is what one would call a burger specialist. No matter what kind of burger you're craving for, chances are you're going to find it here! The decor inside is mainly black and cartoony, and they only have a medium sized shoplot. Coming early (or late) or making bookings is advised, because the place can be packed on weekends. 

Zhen Han couldn't make it for the briefing, so it was just Ching and both of us. After some debate after ordering our burgers, we decided our stomachs could fit in some Beer-Battered Onion Rings. This was very crispy and tasted very nice, especially when dipped in the barbecue sauce on the side. I felt there were a few occasions when there was a bit too much batter, but other than that there were no complaints. =)

We ordered two of their Thick Malt Shakes (RM 13) to share, a Strawberry for me and a Vanilla with added crushed Oreos (additional RM 1.50) for the girls. Other additional toppings range from Nutella, to bananas, or even marshmallows. Alcohol can also be added for RM 10 (choice of Kahlua or Bailey's). 

These shakes were extremely thick and sweet, but rather standard as milkshakes go. We did expect a more fragrant malt taste from this because of its name, but there was only a hint of malt in our shakes.

But now... on to the stars of the show! Between the three of us, we decided to order three burgers which the girls neatly cut up into thirds for sharing.

There was a time when I lamented on the difficulties of finding a good lamb burger around town. Someone must have heard me, because there seems to be more choices these days! Fat Boy's has a lamb burger called Bolly Wooly (RM 18) which is a lamb patty sandwiched between 2 halves of a yummy honey oat bun.

To give things some Bollywood flavour, the patty is doused in Fat Boy's special homemade curry remoulade and chutney is used instead of the usual tomato or mayo! An interesting combination - the slight musky spice from the curry and the sweetness from the chutney - that really worked, but unfortunately our patty was a bit too raw for our liking. I think we prefer our lamb to be a little more cooked as compared to beef.

Do note that at Fat Boy's, all burgers are done medium-well unless otherwise specified, so I think we may ask for the lamb to be a little more well-done the next time. =)

Presuming to try one of each type of burger, we ordered one of the pork variety - the Mahalo (RM 18.50) - a bacon-stuffed pork patty between a buttered sesame seed bun, with a grilled pineapple ring, Monterey Jack cheese and some caramelised onions for company. We didn't like this as much as the other patties; Wendy liked the sweetness of the pineapple with the minced pork patty but thought it was mostly dry and lacking in flavour compared to the others.

Hopefully it was just an off day for the pork patty, because we'd really like to go back to try their Elvis burger - a pork burger with peanut butter and grilled bananas!

But whatever slight disappointment we had with the pork, quickly dissipated with the beef! I had my eyes set on this burger ever since I saw it in other reviews - the Fat Basterd (RM 28) in all it's towering glory. The Fat Basterd, if the name hasn't scared you yet, is a monster of a burger, consisting of two beef patties sandwiching a fried egg and topped with cheddar cheese and bacon, in between a sesame bun. If that looks like too much for your arteries, you can choose a Wimpy (RM 19) which is just 50% (i.e. 1 patty) of the Fat Basterd. Don't worry - everything else is still 100%. =P

"Well, you're a hot mess, and I'm fallin' for you" - Cobra Starship

Well, the Fat Basterd turned out to a sloppy, sinful, hot mess of delight. It turns out that 2 really is better than 1 (to quote Boys Like Girls as well), especially since I'm such a meat eater! I don't think a Wimpy would have been good enough for me. On the other hand, just having a Fat Basterd might be a bit much for one. I suggest ordering other burgers and sharing like we did to try the different styles! =D

So as the picture says, Fat Boy's has the beef. And have the beef they do!

While we weren't impressed with the Mahalo pork burger, the Bolly Wooly was good with a lot of further potential, and the Fat Basterd was just...well...awesome! If we're ever in Publika and crave some affordable, hearty burgers, we'll be back. =D

Fat Boy's, The Burger Bar | Facebook
(directly opposite The Square and near Ben's)
Lot G2-30, Level G2, Publika,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 6206 1352
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am-10pm
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