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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Food: Antipodean Cafe @ Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru

Last time when someone lamented about the lack of good western breakfast restaurants outside of those served in hotels, all we could do was lament together. Nowadays we're happy to rattle off a list of places that serve all-day breakfasts, and good quality breakfast at that! Antipodean is one of those places on our list. =D

Located along one of the Telawis in Bangsar, Antipodean breathes new life into an increasingly tired-looking Bangsar area. The theme colour is evidently black with some red walls, giving off a very plush feel all around. 

Need a menu to know what to order? Don't look at the waiters! The menu at Antipodean is chalk-written neatly on the wall, in large white font for all to see. We sat on the other side of the restaurant and the place was empty when we went (doesn't happen often eh? =p), so we had no problems reading the whole menu. But I can imagine people having problems if the place is packed or if a very tall person sits next to the wall though (see that table for 2 just under the menu?). I will always be a traditional menu-in-hand kind of guy. =)

We were here for a late lunch Monday afternoon, so that explains why the place was totally empty. =P  Even then, I was looking forward to a hearty breakfast meal, hence my order of a Big Breakfast (RM 18) - a plate chock-full with toast, a choice of bacon or chicken, pork or beef sausages (we chose pork), mushrooms, hash brown and eggs to your preference, be it scrambled or sunny side up!

If I had  to choose the tastiest thing on the plate, it would actually be the mushrooms. (Surprised aren't you?)  I got a particularly large serving of juicy button mushrooms, each seasoned well and fried with just enough garlic for an amazing taste. The eggs couldn't be faulted either, coming out of the kitchen with 2 yolks in great sunny-side-up condition. The hash brown wasn't what I expected (I'm used to the McDonald's kind), but it was okay anyway.

Of course, the best way to sample everything is to take a decent mouthful of everything, just like in the picture above! Ahhh, satisfaction guaranteed. =D

I always love having buffet breakfasts because that's when I can indulge on my favourite snack - sausages! It's a shame that at Antipodean the Big Breakfast only comes with a choice of one sausage, or none if you want bacon! The only way around this obstacle is to add on more sausages, which is what we did, adding on additional beef sausages for RM 8. These were tougher than the pork, and slightly saltier too.

Wendy wasn't in the mood for such a heavy late lunch, but she was very happy to give their French Toast with Bacon & Maple Syrup (RM 18) a go! The first time I heard of this, I couldn't believe my eyes (or ears). I've never associated bacon and french toast together, and the thought of it was just strange to me. Though, now it seems to be quite a norm in a lot of popular breakfast places.

The concept behind the combination is simple enough though; while the French toast and maple syrup makes everything sweet, the bacon is supposed to bring the saltiness to balance out the flavours. This unfortunately came out a little less hotter than we would have liked though, not piping hot.

Being greedy, we had to spend another RM7 on Spicy Wedges! We regretted it later though, because we felt these were quite normal and forgettable, and not really spicy; readily available at any other Western joint.

Antipodean serves a lot of coffee, which is sadly useless for non-coffee drinkers like us! Wendy opted for an Ice Chocolate (RM8), and I had the Ice Honey Lemon (RM8). At the time we was on a mini-ice chocolate binge, because of a particularly nice one we had at Fat Spoon one day. This one wasn't bad either, though it got a bit much in the end, but wash it down with some of the ice honey lemon and the problem is solved. 

So the next time we're looking for place for brunch, we'll certainly keep Antipodean in mind! We hear the place is jam packed on most mornings, especially on weekends. So if you're not the kind that likes to fight with people and have the luxury of time, pay a visit preferably after lunch on a weekday. You'll almost have the whole place to yourselves. We also hear the coffee is good though, so if a kick of caffeine is your thing, stop by for a cuppa! :D

Antipodean | Facebook
No. 20, Jalan Telawi 2,
59100 Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2282 0411
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu, 8am-10pm; Fri & Sat, 8am-11pm
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