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Friday, May 25, 2012

Food: Suzi's Corner @ Off Jalan Ampang, KL

When people ask where's a good place for steak, no one ever, ever thinks of a coffee shop! And neither did we, until we read about Suzi's Corner! We had come across people talking about Suzi's Corner online when discussing about places to go for a good steak. We've had it in mind for awhile now, but because of it's location down in Ampang it always seemed too far out of the way. But it happened on that Saturday we had an appointment for our Bloom The Floral Shop post at Intermark, so Suzi's Corner was just a drive down the road. =D

For those unfamiliar and daunted by the thought of driving to Ampang, don't worry about not finding Suzi's Corner. Just go all the way down Jalan Ampang past Ampang Point on your left and get ready to turn left instead of going up the flyover, Suzi's Corner occupies a plot of land at the corner. Parking is limited, so be prepared for roadside parking. Seats are slightly easier to find, although the place can also be packed on weekends, with a mixture of expats and locals.

Being a food court, Suzi's Corner does actually have other things to eat like Indian cuisine or satay and chicken wings. But we just targeted the steaks at Steak Hut that night! The menu is simple; pick a cut of meat and a choice of sauce. I picked out a Sizzling Ribeye with Black Pepper Sauce (RM 29), as seen above. 

I'm not a big fan of steak with sauce, but if it's a sizzling steak like these at Suzi's Corner, then I think sauce is mandatory. I actually wasn't really paying attention to menu, so it was a mild surprise when it both came out sizzling. I had asked for the meat to be cooked medium but it turned out more medium-well, possibly because of sizzling plate that continues to cook the meat even after serving so eat your steaks fast! The slower you eat, the more well-done a steak you'll have. =D

For Wendy I chose the Sizzling Tenderloin Steak with Brown Sauce (RM 32). All the steaks are served with fries and steamed vegetables. The vegetables are an unusual choice, but it was fine since the beans were sweet and crunchy.

Comparing the tenderloin to the ribeye, we were more impressed with the tenderloin because it we got a tender cut of meat, and it came out closer to medium, with a visible thick strip of pink through the middle. We think it's easier to be more accurate with a thicker cut of meat when cooking sizzling style, since a thinner piece like a ribeye gets cooked all-round more easily. We also preferred the brown sauce to the black pepper, but this is probably a personal preference!

All wiped out - even the sauce!
All in all, for the price we paid (RM 61 for the two steaks), we left feeling quite satisfied, especially since we had been craving for some red meat of late. Suzi's Corner won't satisfy pure steak lovers - it's not the best cuts of meat, and not the best marbling, and not the best methods, certainly not the best ambiance, but what you do get is a down-to-earth, hearty steak, at non-astronomical prices. And there's nothing bad about that! =)

A shot of KLCC as we took a quick drive there after dinner to round off a good night.

Suzi’s Corner
Lorong Ampang Hulu (near Ampang Point, off Jalan Ampang)
Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 4256 6720
Opening Hours: Wed-Mon, 6pm onwards; closed on Tuesdays

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