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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Food: Fried Laksa! @ Restoran Well Cook Gourmet, SS14, Subang Jaya

I'd always heard about Restoran Well Cook Gourmet, starting from a few years back. But then, my friend never once refered to it with its proper name - instead, she always talked about this "awesome fried laksa" place that we needed to try.

After I started work at my current company, I'd also hear my colleagues talking about his "awesome fried laksa" place nearby that they would sometimes drive out to during lunch.

Well, finally one day we made the trip there, and I can now too refer to it as that "awesome fried laksa" place that I've been to as well :p

Backstory aside, Restoran Well Cook Gourmet is a coffee shop situated in SS14, Subang Jaya. Located opposite its more famous neighbour SS15, SS14 is actually home to many a coffee shop, mostly specializing in bak kut teh. Amongst all that herbal porky goodness, lies Restoran Well Cook Gourmet, a coffee shop that does a wide variety of fried noodles and rice.

The restaurant doesn't look any different from any other normal 'dai chow' restaurant, and in fact the menu is quite extensive with lots of stir fried noodles and rice you can order. Regular customers know all about the fried laksa though, so expect big crowds here during lunch. Dinner time is busy too, but not as bad as lunch since all the office workers have gone home. :)

Besides the usual fried noodles and rice, there is also fresh popiah served at Well Cook Gourmet. Each roll of popiah is prepared on a long counter just next to customers, so everyone can take a good look at how their popiah is made! 

I like the version here (RM 5), it's filled with lots and lots of turnip and just enough chilli for that kick. There's also  very little of everything else, not like the usual coffee shop variety you get with lots of bean sprouts and cucumber too. This was definitely turnip overload for Adam (and possibly a lot of people) though! He prefers those with lots of crunchy shallots inside that he gets back in Ipoh.

Every trip to Well Cook Gourmet, I've never had anything other than the  fried assam laksa but wanting a bit of variety, Adam went for a Cantonese Style Hor Fun or wat tan hor, gambling that perhaps this place could do soup-y noodles just as well as they do fried noodles. 

Unfortunately his gamble didn't pay off. While it looked okay from the outside, one mouthful was enough to confirm the lack of flavour and overall flatness of the dish. Maybe it was just an off day, but we found this completely unsatisfying. The sauce was quite bland, and the rest of the chicken and prawns didn't help much with the flavour. My advise is to give this a miss when you're here.

Oh but all is well when the Fried Laksa (RM 6) arrives, piping hot! 

We've had this quite a few times now, by ourselves and even for a few church gatherings at Adam's house, and it never fails to amaze every time we have some! 

The whole thing seems so simple, we wonder why no one thought of it before. After all, we seem to make a dry or soup version out of every kind of noodle, how come no one ever thought of making dry stir-fried assam laksa? It looks a bit like char kuey teow, but the rest is unmistakeably like assam laksa because of the tangy-ness in the noodles, possibly from tamarind, and the use of lots of fresh onions, cucumber and the common assam laksa ingredient, bunga kantan, as garnishing.

Well fried together with some egg and prawn (if you're an assam laksa purist, no, there's no fish chunks in here, possibly the only assam laksa key ingredient missing) with oodles of that smoky wok flavour we all love enveloping each strand of noodle, and we guarantee this will be gulped down to the last mouthful, no matter if you're a big eater or small!

So there you have it - one of the relatively unknown jewels that we frequent in the Sunway/Subang area. Fried laksa has the additional benefit of not only being tasty, but it also has the 'wow' factor to impress your friends! So do make a trip here, with friends or with family, and share the goodness with them! (Or well, you know, if you're possessive like that, you can always not share :p)

Restoran Well Cook Gourmet | Site
No. 74, SS14/2,
Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +6 012 681 1623 
Opening Hours: 12pm-9pm (Closed on alternate Sundays)
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