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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Food: Maharaj @ Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya

Charming decor
I love Indian food, but it's usually rather expensive so we don't get it have it often, instead our encounters are limited only to mamaks (if that even counts :p). Maharaj along Jalan Gasing in Petaling Jaya is actually a favourite of Adam's family, but it wasn't until recently when we got to pay them a visit. It was also when the camera battery died, so it was back to the digital camera which I evidently can now only take blurry pictures with :p

The place was rather quiet for a Sunday night dinner, cheerily decked out in traditional colours and murals, and high-backed chairs. Can you spot the plush one against the purple wall? Fit for a maharaja (king)!

We started off with the Madras Balji (RM 7) as an appetizer, an orangey fritter-like deep-fried snack made out of shredded onions with chilli and coriander. This is probably an acquired taste, I thought there was too much coriander and too much flour.

The Tandoori Chicken (RM 18) came pretty quickly, and was excellent! Every piece of coal-roasted chicken was juicy, laced with charred spices.

The Mutton Vindaloo (RM 19) was also really good. This goa mutton dish was the spiciest of the lot that night, yet slightly sweet due to the onions in it. While we wished there could have been more mutton, the chunks that we got were tender and soft. There's a slightly tangy flavour to this vindaloo, probably due to the mild vinegar used.

We also went for the Bageera Burtha (RM 12.50) which was some minced brinjal with gravy and sesame seeds. This was all right by me, since I do like brinjals anyway, but might come off as too mushy for others.

Our favourite as usual was the Murgh Tikka Butter Masala (RM 19), a gravy-ful concoction of boneless chicken roasted in tandoor and cooked with butter masala. This was perfect, the chicken was tender and well-marinated and the creamy sweet-savoury gravy went well with the briyani and naan. We wiped up every drop!

As though rounding up the different types of meat we could have off Maharaj's menu, we also decided to go for the Pomfret Masala (RM 28), thick fillets cooked in piquant masala sauce. We didn't fancy this as much as the other dishes - though the serving was plentiful, it felt like it might have been overcooked a little.

A bowl of Plain Briyani (RM 7), full of fluffy, fragrant rice is an absolutely must-have at Indian restaurants. And then, so is the next dish...

The Mini Naan Basket (RM 20), spoiling us with more naan choices than I've ever known. Our basket had a mixure of flavours, from plain naan and garlic naan to the more exotic-sounding kulcha naan, ones stuffed with potatoes and onions, and kashmiri naan, a sweet variety of naan filled with what tasted like chopped maraschino cherries.

I usually find that Indian cuisine does ladies fingers best. Maharaj's Bendi Masala (RM 14) was no exception, with thick, crunchy ladies finger cooked in a stew-like dish with onions and tomatoes.

We also asked for a serving of Poori (RM 6) which wasn't on the menu. While extremely oily, it's fun to indulge in these hollow puffs once in awhile. Again, goes great with the Murgh Tikka Butter Masala dish above.

Some good, thick lassi can be found here - mango lassi for RM 7 and sweet lassi for RM 6

For dessert, we tried the Kulfi (RM 7), a traditional homemade frozen dessert which many call the Indian ice cream. This had an interesting texture, far thicker and denser than ice cream. It was a bit too sweet for our liking, but I did like the chopped pistachios in it making it a satisfying finish to a good meal.

Maharaj is a good place to have an Indian meal; it's nearby enough for those staying in Petaling Jaya, parking is ample as it's a standalone bungalow-turned-restaurant, and most importantly, you know you'll get good food time and time again.

No. 59, Jalan Gasing,
46000 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +6 03 7968 5515
Fax: +6 03 7958 7266
Opening hours: Daily, 11am-3pm, 6:30pm-11pm

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