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Monday, July 16, 2012

Food: Cafe Crumbs @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

Note: NO! Just before I posted this, I read on Crumbs' Facebook page that they're closing down this Friday (20th July 2012). If you love their food just like we did, do make it a point to go sometime this week, to have your favourite cakes for the last time and tell them how much they'll be missed. Maybe bring a picket and protest outside the shop. :(


Our weekends haven't been leisurely in awhile, what with motor hunts and tiring errands and me dragging Adam out to look at cars.

One Sunday, after hunting down a non-existent Suzuki showroom along the LDP that had closed down a year ago, a Mazda showroom with no Mazda 2s to see resulting in the salesman offering up his own personal Mazda 2 for a test drive, and a Honda showroom that had two sales agents in an ugly confrontation over who should attend to us, I decided to buy Adam some tea for being the most patient boyfriend on the face of the earth. :)

After some rounding, we finally settled on Cafe Crumbs, a cute, quiet half-lot sandwich bar and cafe nestled tightly in Lucky Garden

Lots of cute pictures, happy customers and memes adorn their wall on a clothes peg line, which I'm sure makes for great conversation starters.

The menu from Cafe Crumbs is not extensive by any means, but if you're looking for a light snack or if cakes are your thing, then it is most definitely the place for you. They've also got an fixation for mustaches here, so you'll see this running theme throughout their drawings and menu. (Also a fun, with/without mustache comparison. Ever wondered what Hitler or Mario looked like without a mustache? :D)

Adam was in the mood for something savoury, so we ordered off their sandwich menu. This is the Philly Maybe, roast beef, onions and with jalapenos, with which you have a choice of laugen bread or panini. We chose the laugen, that had a great bite to it, and the generous melted cheddar cheese, beef and sauteed onions made a thoroughly satisfying combination. The homemade, lightly salted chips were also incredibly addictive! Everything was so good that we happily ate half of the sandwich before realizing that I forgot to take a picture... which rarely ever happens.

From their cake display counter, we also spotted some mini quiches. This was the Chicken, Ham & Tomato Quiche (RM 3), which could have been had it been fresh out of the oven.

We do hear the quiches are good, so I suppose we would give it another try, but only if we're there in the mornings next time. :)

The idea of chocolate and peanut butter puts me over the edge every time, so we also had this Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Babycake (RM 5). Many places try to do this combination of chocolate and peanut butter these days, but Cafe Crumbs' version remains my favourite so far.

They heated it up lightly for us so the peanut butter frosting was a nice light, creamy texture. That, the moist cake and the abundance of chocolate chips hidden away in the heart of the cupcake (I swear it was like a treasure chest of chocolate chips :D), had us licking every bit of frosting from our forks. 

Sitting directly next to the counter was sinful, since everything kept on calling out to us (more to me, since my willpower for sweets is... well, it doesn't quite exist).

The final spoil of the day was the Salted Caramel Brownie, (if I remember correctly, RM 5.50) with an option to add on a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream for a few additional bucks. This was wildly satisfying, and just the way I imagine brownies are supposed to be, more moist and chewy than cake-y, with crusty bits around the corners. The combination of sweet chocolate and fragrant caramel, yet slightly salty, hit all the right spots that day! 

I would return for this alone! I think we polished it off in record time. Heh. :D

Even the drinks impressed, Adam's Strawberry Milkstache' (though it looked fit for a three year old girl :p) with frozen berries was adequately creamy, and the Ice Lemon Tea (which a lot of places tend to mess up) was just the right mix of tea, lemon, and sugar syrup.

I warn, do not sit in front of this counter. You will order everything!

The both of us ended up being really pleased (and on a sugar high!) with the food that day. Cafe Crumbs is going to be one of those places that I will return to for a quiet cozy date with friends, or just the two of us, to enjoy some quality homemade cakes in a quiet comfy environment.


It is a shame that it is closing down in a few days time. Hopefully, we can watch this space and pray for the day that their brownies and cakes return! :(

Cafe Crumbs | Site
No. 10, Lorong Ara Kiri Dua.
Lucky Gardens, Bangsar
Tel: +6 03 2202 2027
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 10am-10pm

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