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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Food: myBurgerLab @ Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

A new eatery has emerged along the sleepy lanes of Sea Park. It has succesfully disturbed the peaceful, sleepy evening streets that are more well known for hustle and bustle during the day. The culprit? myBurgerLab!

We still don't know what secret formula has been formulated at myBurgerLab, but whatever it is, it's got people hooked! The restaurant currently only opens in the evenings from 5pm onwards, and from the time the doors open it's a steady stream of hungry mouths all in search of a fulfilling burger. And if you think the crowds will thin later at night, you're wrong. The first time we tried to visit after 8pm, but it was as packed as ever (we ended up at KFC instead :( ).

You may call it the opening crowd, but we have a sneaky suspicion those crowds are here to stay!

Decor here is simple, but we like how they have skilfully used stencilled-on fun patterns (the picture above is the bottom of a myBurgerLab jadual berkala - that's to most of us who did our Chemistry in Malay - a cute periodic table of their ingredients and tools at myBurgerLab) to adorn the walls with pretty patterns. We've always adored how some simple and clever art jazzes things up almost immediately; don't they enhance the look of a place so easily? =)

myBurgerLab does have quite a few tables, but because business has been so good, it can be very hard to get a table. Waiters will encourage you to order first and then look for a seat during the 30-40 minute wait for the burgers to be ready. How to order? Get in line behind the single counter and start studying the menu on the chalkboard before it's your turn!

myBurgerLab deals mainly in Beef burgers and Chicken burgers (of course, there's also highly appetising vegetarian burgers with the use of mushrooms). Surprisingly, it's the chicken burgers that sell out first, but this is partly because they stock more beef patties per day compared to chicken.

Once your burgers are ready, a friendly waiter will call out your name, for that human touch, and all that's left to do is sink your teeth into these lab concoctions.

Since we went through so much effort to eat here, I made sure it would be worth our while, beginning with this one called the Beautiful Mess 3.0 (RM 18)!

It's called a beautiful mess because, well, it's damn messy! A fried egg sunny-side-up sandwiched between fried portobello/a mushrooms and a beef patty with lettuce is the culprit for causing all that mess. Trust me when I say it's impossible to eat this cleanly; the moment you squeeze it in your hands, the yolk pops and oozes all over the place. Simply a beautiful mess indeed! =D

Messy as it was, we both enjoyed it. The beef flavour isn't so prominent due to the presence of egg, but the combination was very satisfying. Wendy particularly liked the fried mushroom, saving half of it to eat separately after going through the burger! There's also some shiitake mushrooms, but the flavour isn't as strong as the A+ that I had (I'll get to that next). This is definitely not for the prim and proper, because your fingers will get mightily sticky!

The menu at myBurgerLab is short, but it can be hard to decide what to have (mainly because everything sounds so good). For me, it was a toss up between the A+, Beautiful Mess 3.0, and Swisstake Burger, of which I could only choose 2. In the end the A+ (RM 15) won out for me, a beef patty grouped together with sharp cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, enoki mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms! I also added an extra beef patty, which can be done for RM5.50 per patty.

Open wide!

The verdict? Absolutely scrumptious! The cheese flavour was strong, and the double patty made sure I wasn't wanting for meat! We tasted the quality of the patty, having been made out of grain fed beef, with a perfect smoky charred outside.

The taste of enoki and shiitake mushrooms was also out in full force; if you're not a big fan of mushrooms, then this may not be for you! The use of those 2 types of mushroom is a bit unique for a burger in my opinion, and it did give the whole thing a more Japanese flavour overall. I was actually surprised at how strong the mushroom flavour turned out to be, since with 2 patties and cheese already I was expecting a much milder kick.

And because just having 2 burgers didn't seem to do the wait time justice, I decided to order one more burger just to try (Well, Wendy did say to order whatever I wanted =P)! The special last week for two days was a Jamming with Elvis - a beef burger with cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, peanut butter and blueberry jam!

Apparently this is the way Elvis Presley ate his sandwiches / burgers - with peanut butter. I can't validate that statement, but I can confirm that though this sounds like a downright weird combination, it actually works! Wendy and I surprised ourselves and each other with the way we instantly took to liking this burger, agreeing that the mixture of peanut butter and jam actually went really well with the distinct flavour of beef ! Perhaps we wouldn't have this just on it's own for a meal, but it does make an addictive burger to share with a few people.. =D

Oh but what would a burger be without fries? For RM5, customers can choose to add on french fries and unlimited refills of soft drink.

We were happy to find the fries freshly fried, crisp on the outside and fluffly on the inside, lightly  tossed with herbs and accompanied with an unusual homemade sauce that was spicy and creamy and creamy at the same time. Wendy, who has a perpetual need to have chilli sauce with everything didn't complain once about the lack of chilli anywhere. =P

All in all, now that we've tried the food here we understand what the fuss is all about. myBurgerLab might still want to work on their menu a little to offer a bit more variety, but so far they've got more than enough to keep regulars coming back for more! It's also a safe place to recommend friends, so if you know anyone in SS2 / Seapark and you want to impress them with your knowledge of new local eateries, test them with this.

One thing we'd also like to point out is that everything is made in house, from the quirky charcoal buns, to the patties, down to the oven-roasted tomatoes, which is the reason why they only open at 5pm. Well, it's not in vain as all that labour of love and hard work had paid off - we'll definitely return for their ingenuity with recipes, bravado with experimentation, and awesome burgers. =D

myBurgerLab | Facebook
(down the road from the Sea Park wet market)
No. 14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 5pm-11pm or when burgers sell out, whichever is earlier. Closed on Mondays.

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