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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Food: Amarin Heavenly Thai @ Mid Valley Megamall

Amarin Heavenly Thai should be a familiar name to anyone staying around the Klang Valley. Think of Thai food, and most probably you've either been to or heard of Amarin in Mid Valley. It's been around for ages; ever since the opening of Mid Valley around 10 years ago I think! 

Business hasn't always been kind to them though. Unlike the bustling Madam Kwan's downstairs that never seems to be short of customers, the Sea Cuisine Group's Amarin used to paint quite a lonely sight occupying that huge space on the 2nd floor. It's a strategic location, one with a view of neighbouring highways which they tried to capitalize on with full length glass panes for maximum view. Alas, not even that could keep the people coming.

So recently, Amarin has gone through an overhaul, cutting down the floor space by half (with the other half turning into Bumbu Desa) and totally redecorating the inside with a cosier, more colourful atmosphere with multi-coloured cushions and booths. Our verdict? 2 thumbs up! =D

The menu at Amarin has also gone through a revamp, although on a smaller scale. The classic favourites that are synonymous with Thai cuisine are still here. Take this Tom Yum Goong (RM13.90) for example; a delightful soup that can be done in a clear or milky form, and with either prawns or seafood inside. I always prefer my tom yum with milk, and Amarin's version has just the right amount for our taste buds, with a perfect balance between the spicy and sour levels, laced with lemongrass and lime. 

Other crowd-favourites (including mine!) are like this Chicken wrapped in Pandan Leaf or Gai Hor Bai Tuey (RM18, 4 pieces). I love having a portion of this during Thai meals to balance all the curry and chilli that's in all the other dishes. =D

Unwrapping the chicken can be a tough job, but thankfully no other tools are needed beside the already-available fork and spoon. Waiters are also quite adept at quickly picking up all the leftover wrapping so it's not left strewn all over the table. The chicken itself is always well-cooked, with mild herb flavors that are distinctly present yet never threatening to overpower; the perfect complement.

For vegetables, nothing beats a healthy dose of Kangkung Belacan, Phad Pak Bung Ga Pi (RM 15.90)! Perhaps not the most authentic Thai vegetable dish on the menu, but one that goes well with the rest of the food we feel. =D  The vegetables here are crunchy, served in generous portions and sufficiently spicy for a good 'kick'!

Lastly, for us, there can never be a meal of Thai food without at least one curry! Green Curry or Gaeng Keaw Wan is our usual choice, although if there's more than just 2 of us then we'll try to order a red curry as well. I prefer green curries because it's usually more flavourful, thanks to the extra basil leaves and other herbs that go into it. 

And if you ask whether we go for chicken or beef, my answer is always Beef, or Nuae (RM 20 for beef)! Somehow I feel the flavour of beef always goes better with curry. Also because there is already pandan chicken, so we don't fancy a second chicken dish. Green curry at Amarin is always comforting; there's ample gravy for the mountain of rice everyone undoubtedly has, and it's usually not too thick or too watery. The beef itself is well-marinated, tender and in perfect bite-size pieces. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. =D

After a satisfying dinner, round it all off with some Thai desserts! Wendy's favourite is usually the Tab Tim Krob (RM 8.90), which is red waterchestnuts and jackfruit in coconut milk. The ice-cold temperature and crunchy texture of the waterchestnuts make this a cool, refreshing end to a fiery meal! 

If you're like me and you don't enjoy the crunchy water chestnuts, try opting for a Kluey Kai Cheum (RM 8.90) instead, which is steamed banana served with vanilla ice cream and a dash of coconut milk. I'm sure we're all more familiar with fried banana fritters, but steamed bananas taste just as nice if not better since the sweetness is not dulled by the fried batter. Amarin does have quite sweet bananas, so add that with the coconut milk and a real sweet treat awaits!

Their drinks list has also improved and expanded. Here we had a Muay Thai Punch (RM 11.90) and Thai Iced Tea (RM 10.90) - 2 refreshing beverages that went well with all the yummy Thai food! =D

So, even after all these years, Amarin Heavenly Thai still remains a regular fixture in our Thai food directory; some place we have yet to be disappointed.

Amarin Heavenly Thai | Site
Lot S045, Level 2,
Mid Valley Megamall,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2938 3187
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm-10pm

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