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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Food: Suki-Ya, Eat All You Can Sukiyaki & Shabu-Shabu @ Paradigm Mall

As both Wendy and I are people who like to try out new eating places as often as possible, most of the time we never make it back to a same place twice, even though we want to! But then we do have some places that become our regular haunts. Suki-Ya is one of them. =D

We had heard about Suki-Ya at Tokyo Street in Pavilion before, but the opportunity never arose for us to try it. That all changed after they opened their latest branch in Paradigm Mall! To date, the Suki-Ya chain has 5 outlets, 3 in Singapore to the 2 here.

Located opposite Tong Pak Fu and Spaghetti Grill, Suki-Ya is quite spacious with seating that can cater any number of people whether it's small groups of 2-4 or bigger groups of 10+! For that reason Wendy's family organized a dinner here, which was our maiden visit. (But most definitely not our last! hehe..)

The concept at Suki-Ya is simple - it's an all-you-can-eat steamboat buffet with elements of Japanese shabu-shabu and sukiyaki under one roof! Customers get 3 choices of meat - either beef, lamb, or chicken - and they can have as much of it as they like! Though the slices are quite paper thin, this isn't a problem when supply is unlimited. It's also good to have thin slices because it cooks faster in the soup. All it takes is a few swishes in the hot broth.

What broth, you ask? At Suki-Ya, there are 4 different types of soup / broth. There's sukiyaki, a sweetish-savoury soy sauce concoction, and shabu-shabu, a mild low-calorie konbu broth.

....besides that, there's also the salty and earthy miso soup base, and kimuchi, which needs no introduction. The 4 soups have distinctively different flavours, and it's another reason why we love recommending Suki-Ya! While normal steamboats might give 2 choices of soup at most, here it's possible to have all 4 types if there's enough people in the group (the tables for bigger groups have two yin-yang pots on them). 

The staff are also more than happy to refill the soup whenever it's running low. If it's just Wendy and I, our usual combination is sukiyaki and kimchi, because Wendy prefers the sweetness of the sukiyaki to go with meat while I like the kimchi because it's got the most 'kick' compared to miso and shabu shabu. =D

But of course customers are not just paying for meat and soup! In fact, it takes a lot more "added ingredients" to make the perfect soup. All that is necessary can be found at the buffet bar, where lots of fresh vegetables ranging from lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and leeks are ripe for the taking. There's also an array of fishballs, seafood tofu and noodles; Wendy particularly likes one of the seafood tofus which has a cheesy centre.

Dunk it in the soup, or make it a salad with the thousand island or sesame dressing. Either way, even if you're not a vegetable person like me, you will come to accept the fact that the vegetables are necessary to give the soups a sweeter and fuller flavour. What we like to do is take some carrots, sweetcorn, onions and leek and just let it boil throughout the time we're there. The most flavourful soup comes at the end of dinner, after all the vegetables and meat have been simmered with it!

And if you're there for the dinner session and craving some sushi, there is also a small sushi selection at the buffet bar. Granted it's nothing to shout about, and our suspicion is that it's there to fill you up, but passable if you'd like a bit of variety in the meal. Usually we just skip this.


Suki-Ya also has premium pasteurised eggs for the taking, for you to cook in various ways. They also have raw egg as a dipping suggestion, but we've yet to try that.

But that's mainly because I like my meat on its own, while Wendy particularly enjoys the sauces provided on each table. We're not sure what this sauce is made up of besides chillis, garlic and onions, but it has a great fragrant quality to it - it gives a definite boost to the flavour of the meats, especially the chicken and the fishballs from the buffet bar! 

And after all the lamb and beef and chicken and vegetables have been mopped up, what better way to round up the meal than with lots of ice-cream? =D

Again, while you shouldn't expect to see Baskin Robbins or Haagan-Daaz, we think Suki-Ya does just fine with its own blend of soft serve ice cream. So far we've come across the green tea, chocolate and roasted rice flavours with our favourite being the fragrant green tea, with a mild tea bitterness edge to it. Wendy also likes the roasted rice, reminiscent of vanilla, but with a slight toasted aroma. Neither are too creamy to be unpleasant after a heavy Suki-Ya meal. The cones are nice and crunchy, and toppings are sufficient though not necessary. What more could we ask for? =)

Look at those smiling faces! You know it's good ice-cream and great fun when kids are happy. =D

So Suki-Ya still remains one of our favourite restaurants of recent months, especially on cold rainy days! Nothing better than a hot soup to chase the blues away. There's also have an ala-carte menu that has other normal dishes like soft shell crab or chicken karaage, but we think the unlimited supply of meat is more than enough to satisfy. We tried the soft shell crab once, but it was not worth the money.

Finally but most importantly, prices are reasonable at Suki-Ya! Lunch (availability from 11:30am-5pm) per person costs RM29.80, while dinner (availability from 5pm-10pm) costs RM 39.80. Diners are limited to 2 hours eating time from the time you arrive, which should be more than enough time to fill up the tummy. We suggest everyone start recommending Suki-Ya for their next gathering with friends - fun, satiating and affordable. Kids also love the DIY-aspect of it and they get to eat for 50% off. =D

*For the full set of Suki-Ya photos, visit our Facebook page here.

Suki-Ya, Eat All You Can Sukiyaki & Shabu-ShabuSite
Paradigm Mall
Lot UG (4th)-12, Upper Ground Floor,
No. 1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +6 03 7887 3042
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

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Cindy said...

Me like the cheesy seafood tofu too...

ulric said...

My fav place for shabu shabu...visited their two branches 10 times aredi...gotta love the vibes here =)

Btw...u din request for their special gomatare (sesame) sauce? Mix it with the spicy misotare for an extra nutty taste. Try dipping ur cooked meats into the pasteurised eggs before dipping into the takes the taste to a whole new level...hehe :D

Chong said...

I think they are slightly pricier in Pavilion than the one in Paradigm Mall. I might be wrong though. But it is pretty worth it if you consume more than 20 plates of meat. Hehe.

Baby Sumo said...

Hmm I dropped a comment last night, but it seem to have disappeared. Strange.

The Yum List said...

I'm still yet to venture over to this mall. Will have to give it a shot sometime soon.

Sean said...

am a fan of soft-serve ice cream! i'd be helping myself to A LOT of the roasted rice flavor! :D

Smitten ByFood said...

I didn't know they expanded so quickly. I have yet to try this restaurant. Maybe I'll go there this Friday =)

Choi Yen said...

They don't have pork so until now I'm still thinking wanna try or not ;P

Kelly Siew said...

That's a pretty good deal! Shall try it out soon! :D

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

ah that's nice. reasonably priced with lots of good food :D i'd go for a try

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missyblurkit said...

Done deal. The meats looked good and fresh. This is dinner tonight!

Dropsof Contentment said...

Cindy: We like it too, but must be careful not to eat too much, or will be full very quickly!

Ulric: We tried what you said! Definitely makes things very different. Wendy loves the gomatare more than me though. I prefer sticking to the Misotare...haha

Chong: Wait..20 plates?!?! I thought we were doing a good job with our average of 13-14 plates per session. 20 is insane..hahaha

Baby Sumo: Yea something happened to our intensedebate plugin for this post larr..Sorry bout that =(

Yum List: Yea there's a few new places to try here! Worth making a trip..heh

Sean: I bet you'd finish all the cones too! =D

Smitten: With the quality they serve, 2 outlets isn't called expanding quickly enough in my books! They must open more!! hehe

Choi Yen: Well true there's no pork, but 3 types of meat is enough to satisfy even the biggest carnivore la..haha

Kelly: Yea it's a good deal! Bring your friends there and impress them. =D

Fishie: Hehe we hope you have a good time there like us =D

Missy: So so? Was it good?? hehehe =D

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