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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Food: Namoo on the Park, Korean Dessert Cafe N Bistro @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

So, it was a usual lazy Sunday afternoon, and Wendy was craving French toast at Red Beanbag. Sadly after we arrived at Publika, it seemed like the whole world had the same idea, because at 2:30 in the afternoon when we arrived, there was still a queue outside! Finally, after waiting for about 30 minutes with no end in sight, we were forced to head elsewhere. Enter Namoo On The Park!

At the time we went, we'd already read quite a few positive reviews on Namoo already. Honestly, I'm not the worlds biggest fan of Korean food (though Wendy is), which is why it took us awhile to come here. It's a very nice place to chill at though!

The name Namoo on the Park isn't for nothing, as there really is a mini outdoors park area just outside the restaurant. (Of course it's nowhere near as spectacular as Chinoz on the Park in KLCC, but I suppose we shouldn't compare.. =P)

The interior design at Namoo deserves special mention, because a lot of thought has obviously gone into it. Namoo means 'tree' in Korean, which is why majority of the cafe is covered in wood panels! A nice touch, if you ask us. Fittingly, the logo is also a tree, though we thought it was a cartoon character with a tall chef's hat at first.

The main menu at Namoo is actually not very wide as Namoo prides itself on first and foremost being a dessert cafe. However, what the mains lack in variety, it makes up for in originality! Everything on the menu is a fusion creation of Korean-Western.

We had read much about the burgers, so we started with the Bulgogi Beef Burger (RM19.90). Bulgogi is usually a favourite for us, so in this case, having bulgogi marinated beef slices on a burger bun, with a mixture of onions, carrots and black fungus, was really quite a novelty as we're used to having it with rice or glass noodles instead. Customers can also opt to have it in a tortilla roll instead!

On hindsight, having it in a tortilla roll might have been a better idea. The bun was a bit thick, and unnecessary since we were having 2 burgers that day. The bulgogi beef was impeccable however; the meat was thoroughly well-marinated with the sweet bulgolgi sauce. I wish this could be served in a larger portion accompanied with a bowl of rice! Wendy liked the new marriage of textures, but I still felt like a beef patty would still be better.

Note that portions here aren't that big, so if you're going to be full you're going to have to eat most of the bun too!

While the Bulgolgi Beef Burger was special because of the beef, the Beef Rice Burger (RM23.90) is special because of the rice buns (obviously)! 

The Beef Rice Burger consists of handmade grilled rice buns, with a beef patty, fresh vegetables, topped with fried egg. I had a hunch that rice buns would be a much more filling alternative compared to normal bread buns, and I was right!

The rice buns are small, but just one layer is enough rice to fill us up for a meal. Try and eat everything together in one mouthful, and it makes for a mushy sort of texture. Sadly, we weren't sure if the beef was cooked thoroughly because it tasted quite soft too. 

Overall, I have to say that this rice cake burger is definitely an acquired taste. I might be wrong, but I do believe burgers are meant to be had with bread buns for a reason. I suppose places like Namoo should still be commended for daring to try out new recipes and giving us food-curious people something new to try! =D

Finally, we moved on to dessert, hoping it would fill the gaps that the burgers couldn't fill. Guess what cake it is, and what's in the cup? =D

The answer is Sweet Potato Cake! And in that cup was a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Take a look at that thick layer of green; it basically sums up what we thought of the cake - it contained an extremely generous amount of potato! Ultimately I couldn't enjoy it, because the potato was just too filling. That tiny scoop of ice-cream was also nowhere near enough for such a thick slice of cake, which was a shame because it went well together. Try if you enjoy Asian desserts, particularly those containing sweet potatos or yam.

Drinks deserve a mention at Namoo too. I had the Namoo Homemade Lemonade (RM 7.90), a mixture that turned out quite refreshing. Something I would recommend to anyone at Namoo on a hot afternoon. =D

And as if we didn't have enough potato already, Wendy tried the Sweet Potato Latte (RM 9.90)! I may not have been a fan of all the potato at Namoo, but in this case at least I was sold! The latte was creamy and wholesome, with a lovely aroma of sweet potato in every sip. It's so good, we were both left wondering "why didn't I think of this before?". Their other latte choices on the menu include Red Bean, Multigrain Honey and Green Tea. 

So while Namoo on the Park, with it's quirky and cute decor, definitely fits into the art-sy theme of Publika, it's menu that pushes the boundaries of Korean food as we know it may not go down well for everyone. There are other more expensive dishes on the menu, like some beef ribs, but those are better saved for a dinner visit in future, perhaps. We also saw some impressive looking desserts being served, so maybe next time!

Namoo on the Park, Korean Dessert Cafe N Bistro | Facebook
Lot 4A, Level G3,
Publika, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 6411 6698
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu, 11am-10pm; Fri & Sat 11am-11pm

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