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Monday, October 8, 2012

Food: South Pacific Seafood Restaurant @ PJ New Town (PJ State) - flashback to CNY 2012!

Flashback to CNY 2012, early this year... 

A sudden craving for this sweet and sour snack had me digging out this post from the confines of our Blogger drafts... yup, unfortunately yee sang isn't found all year round!

Bringing some CNY cheer to you in at the end of the year

Early this year, we met up with our uni friends during Chinese New Year at a popular Chinese restaurant in PJ New Town called South Pacific Seafood Restaurant. It's a pretty established seafood restaurant that also does a whole host of other Chinese dai chow (stir-fry) dishes.

And since South Pacific Seafood is still going strong with business, there's no harm in sharing a long overdue experience, especially since the food was enjoyable (and especially before the next CNY rolls around)!

Lou ah! The higher, the messier, the better!
We didn't really want the whole seafood shebang since everyone had already had their fair share of fancy Chinese New Year food in the first few days of the New Year, so we opted out of the set dinners and just ordered simple dai chow favourites off their menu instead.

The Marmite Pork Ribs were pretty tasty, crispy and sticky on the outside and acceptably tender on the inside. My only gripe was that I thought the serving was a tad small.

We also had the Assam Fish that night, fresh fish (I'm hopeless with fish names, so I can't remember what we ordered) with a delightfully tangy sauce to mix with rice, but only mildly spicy. Definitely not enough for spice-lovers. Maybe you can tell the kitchen you want an extra kick? :p

The Lemon Fried Chicken was another one of those simple, common dishes that we were craving. The chicken was fried to a perfect crisp, but the sauce was just so-so.

We also ordered a plate of Sizzling Japanese Tofu, lathered with thick gravy and delightfully eggy. This was actually a bit too salty for my tastebuds, but didn't really get any other complaints from the rest of the table.

Next, the crazily addictive Butter Squid (nai yau sotong)! This was the night's oiliest dish, but also the night's indulgence for me! The squid was fresh and springy, and and the shredded bits of buttermilk, slightly sweet, went perfect with it. It was quite a welcome change, since we usually have crabs or prawns instead of squid with this buttermilk style.

And of course, just to add some greenery to the picture, a plate of Kangkung Belacan, everyone's must-have stir-fry dish to go with white rice :D

South Pacific Seafood has two seating areas, inside, and outside along the stretch of road. If you're late or have no booking, odds are you'll be enjoying your food in the dark outside as South Pacific can get very popular, but then again, that's probably all part of our Malaysian charm!

So, our annual uni gang Chinese New Year dinner this year ended up costing us a total of RM 120, feeding 8 hungry bellies. Not too bad, especially during the Chinese New Year period where prices seem to be sky-high. I think ordering off their usual menu and steering clear of the set menu may be why we managed to get an affordable, hearty meal that night!

Till next lou sang! :)

South Pacific Seafood Restaurant (Behind HSBC)
No. 7 Jalan 52/16,
PJ New Town (State),
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 03 7956 4221
Opening Hours: Daily, 6pm-3am

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