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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Travel: Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside @ Putrajaya, Selangor

Before I begin the post proper, here's something interesting for you to try! If you can guess what the 4 pictures are referring to, then you'll know what I'm about to talk about in this post. Here's a clue: it's something I got Wendy for her birthday! You might think it's cheesy, but we were on a treasure hunt craze at the time. 

A week before the present, I showed this to Wendy, as a teaser to let her try and figure out what was coming! She got half of it, and the other half with some hints, so if you can understand this, then it means you know how my brain works better than her... =D

Answers at the end of this post.. maybe you'll figure it out after reading all about it?

Every year, birthdays get a little bit harder to plan for. All the what-to-buy and where-to-eat are nagging questions at least 2-3 months before! This year though I got a bit creative; instead of just buying dinner and a present, what about a full 24-hour experience? 

The quiet lobby area.

Which is how I hit on the idea to plan an overnight vacation! But then of course the next question is where to go to spend one night at an affordable yet luxurious location? Hotels in KL City Centre are very expensive, especially when booked last minute. 

The view from our room.

Besides, I thought a quiet place would be better over the hustle and bustle of the city which we see all the time anyway. After thinking it over, I found the perfect place to go - Putrajaya

The iconic clock tower at Pullman Putrajaya.

If you recognize the name of the hotel wing in the first picture, then you'll know which hotel I chose! The Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside that is located just next to the lake, seemed like an ideal location for a 1 night get-away. =)

I chose Pullman also because I read that they have a weekend barbecue buffet. Sadly my lack of attention to detail made me miss out the small but very important fact that it wasn't available on Sunday nights! But it was okay, because we ended up having a pretty good buffet too, which I'll get to in a minute. ;)

Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside is spread over a large area, and because they have so much space, they can afford to make sure every block doesn't go above 3-4 floors. To represent our rich Malaysian culture, there are 4 different wings themed after the Chinese (Lotus Wing), Malay (Bunga Tanjung Wing), Indian (Jasmine Wing), and Borneo (Rafflesia Wing) cultures of Malaysia. Hence, the architecture and the overall ambiance you get at each wing is unique in itself.

A picture of the Lotus Wing from the outside.

Lovely stone bridges and pagoda-esque rooftops in the Lotus Wing...

The Bunga Tanjung wing - a representation of ethnic Malay.

Wendy especially loved all the high roofs and carved wood arches and fascia.

While some hotels just use different names as a gimmick to attract attention, Pullman really has taken the themes to heart, with different designs not just for the room interior, but also on the overall design of the whole block of rooms! We loved the facade of the Lotus & Bunga Tanjung wings the most. It's interesting enough just to take a stroll around and point out the little differences that make each culture unique.. =)

Already hooked to the tv.

We were given a room in the Bunga Tanjung Wing, greeted with a lovely red motif design on the wall. The room is pretty spacious, with a huge bed, work space, and an armchair by the windows.

We've stayed in hotels where the bed was just too hard for our liking, but there was none of that sort here at Pullman. The fluffy pillows were divine too! Not to mention the bed that was definitely big enough to sleep 3, or maybe even 4 slim people.

I really wish there had been a balcony though, because it would have been great to spend some time enjoying the great view of the lake we got from our room. 

The windows open outward but there's a waist-high wooden "fence", reminiscent of traditional Malay houses, that keep both adults and children alike from danger. Wendy loved the vibrant bougainvilleas growing beneath.

Lush greenery and a tranquil lake.

But though the designs in each wing were different, the facilities and amenities are all the same. Everything in the room was clean and functional, just like any other 4 star hotel overseas. Hairdryer, stationery, bottled water and a kettle are provided.

A rain shower (a must!), clean towels and toiletries available.

Of course, one of the most important areas of a hotel room is the bathroom. At Pullman, everything is functional and clean, with which we had no complaints. But true to Malaysian fashion, the next morning I discovered a cockroach in the toilet! I have no idea how it got there, but at least it was already on its back and dying, instead of running all over the room. That would have been disastrous. =S

I didn't have a plan for the day after checking in. I thought we might be able to check out Alamanda Mall in Putrajaya, but in the end we were too lazy to move (plus the Olympics were on) so we just ordered room service for tea while waiting for our dinner buffet to start! The Club Sandwich was simple, with undoubtedly fresh ingredients, although I expected a bigger portion than what was served. 

Gulai kawah and satay - two crowd favourites.

It was a novel idea to save our stomachs for the buffet later, but it was a real test of willpower just before the buffet started. As that was the Ramadhan period, Pullman was having their nightly Ramadhan buffet spread, and I'm glad to say it made up for the disappointment of missing the barbecue buffet. Lots of good food was available, from sticks and sticks of satay, to huge gulai kawah "woks" of curry chicken, beef rendang, and mutton. Everything you would expect to find at a typical Ramadhan buffet was there!

....and what Ramadhan buffet would be complete without the lamb?! I'm glad to say the roast lamb never ran out during the night's buffet, and neither could I get enough of it throughout the night! I think in total I had 3 servings of lamb, besides the other meat I had too. It really was pure torture watching the chefs roast the lamb on the spit and having to wait for breaking fast time to start eating.

It was Olympics on the tv all night long - this was Federer vs Murray for the gold.

We also had to eat fast, because we had an important date at 8pm! Our date was with the television in the room, where many other Olympic-gold-obsessed Malaysians were no doubt glued to their screens willing our Datuk Lee Chong Wei on. Sadly China has a bigger population than us, so their combined willpower won out in the end. And after all the excitement from the badminton, there was even more to come with the tennis finals between Federer and Murray! I don't think I was the only one emotionally spent after that night. Alas, I don't think we made our neighbours very happy with all that cheering we did though.. =D

Breakfast the next day was at one of their food outlets, B's All Day Dining.

We haven't actually had many breakfast opportunities at local hotels before, but most of the time when we get the chance it's good for us because it suits the local taste buds! Everyone knows Malaysians love a mixture of Western and Asian choices for breakfast, so at B's there's everything ranging from cereal to fried noodles to nuggets and sausages! We were there a little late, so not much was left as they unfortunately don't really refill close to closing.

As you can see, a truly jumbled-up breakfast consisting of favourites from either side of the globe! In Malaysia, everything really 'boleh' indeed. =P

Don't forget the pastry; there's a healthy variety of pastry available, which ensures there's something for everyone. Croissants, donuts, or just plain toast bread are all given equal prominence, and surprisingly fresh too. Toast it, butter it, do whatever you like with it. Oh, and there's also a cheese section, for those who enjoy a morsel of cheese for breakfast. =)

In the end, it was a very relaxing albeit short holiday to Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside. Wendy left happy, and I left relieved that another birthday plan had been pulled off with success! For anyone needing a quick get-away from the rat race, but can't afford to go too far, do consider Putrajaya as your destination. For our room, we I paid around RM 300++ with free breakfast (but excluding our dinner buffet). We'll certainly be hoping to return again, this time perhaps for the barbecue buffet that we missed out. =D


Sooo... did anyone get the answers to my puzzle above? Here we go with the answers:

1. No, nothing to do with games! Uno = one in Spanish = one
2. That's a knight in shining armour, so knight = night
3. A wreath made out of holly = holi
4. This is the toughest and also the one Wendy struggled most with. That's some god of prosperity so, God = deity, but the black line cutting across it indicates that you aren't supposed to take the whole word. Part of deity = dei = day

Put that all together, and you get 'one night holiday" which was precisely what we enjoyed at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside. :)

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62200 Putrajaya
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