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Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday, Adam! :)

So, if you’re still reading this, you’ve probably realised we haven’t posted in awhile. That’s because we’re currently away on a week-long holiday in Hanoi, Vietnam and this is a scheduled post.

Why scheduled specially for today? Well, today is the day Adam turns 25! And since I haven’t gotten anything for him just yet, I figured a blog post dedicated to him would be a pretty good distraction for him while I hunt for the perfect gift. *crosses fingers

We’re not really one for online public displays of affection. No “I love you, beautiful” on my Facebook wall, or “my handsome boyfriend” captions on photos. In fact, I just commented on a picture he posted up recently on Facebook, and he questioned me on why I did that because it was “so weird”. -__-

(So yes, this post is probably going to make him feel all grossed out; hopefully in a good way. Heh.)

Super young photo from 2008!

Back in 2008, we were in final year, doing the dance of are-we-are-we-not throughout the second half of the year. In between lots of late nights on MSN, he asked for a Nutella cheesecake for his birthday that year; I gladly complied. Our friends also made us do a really embarassing dance together (I hope I have destroyed all photos of that), and soon after the birthday boy crashed out after downing a whole bottle of bubbly. Quite a night to remember.

After our final results, we started going out seriously, and I suppose you could say the rest is history, bringing us to today. :)

In 2009, we went up to the Skybridge at Petronas Twin Towers. I camped out for tickets at 6am in KLCC and surprised him with the tickets. The view wasn’t impressive, but hopefully I scored points for effort?

The 21st birthday up in the air.

The gifts that year, his & hers flip flops (HAHAHA, so I got something for myself too) and a leather belt for work.

That was also the year I planned him a surprise birthday party with close friends, and baked yet another cake for him, this time a Mars Bar cheesecake.

Yes, Adam used to wear braces!

In 2010, I got tired of baking birthday cakes and instead, decided to gather people to chip in for a PS3! (when a boy has a toy, they somehow forget about cakes. Phew! :p). I also brought him to a nice dinner at Hajime, which has now sadly closed. :(

Cake which I didn't bake. HAHA.

See? Works like a charm.

2011 was a tad quieter; we went for a quiet dinner at Bora Asmara. The ambiance was lovely, with a four piece band that walk from table to table to serenade you. The food was poor though.

Gorgeous setting.

That year, was a tough one because I had to top the PS3. I knew he'd been wanting a watch for awhile, so I decided to get this one we saw once while we were shopping, but engraved it to be a little more special. Adam is also the kind of guy who likes cards, because it was more personal, he told me. Thus began my career as amateur birthday and anniversary card maker! That year's card was modelled after our blog header, because it was also the year we started blogging our thoughts more frequently.

Back to baking this year - Oreo Inception cookies! Cookie in a cookie.

There was also a bigger celebration with friends, at GTower where everyone got the chance to dress up, except the birthday boy (notice how he's in polo tees every. single. year?)

Us with some of my friends.

That brings me to the 5th birthday that we are celebrating together this year, and yes, the 4th as the girlfriend. Each birthday has been memorable, trying to put a smile on his face with little surprises and I hope I will be doing it for many more birthdays to come. #yesIknowyourbuluromaisstanding

So dear, I hope you're having a great holiday so far in Hanoi! Happy birthday, and here's to a year filled with fun adventures and fulfilling moments for you. Love, Wendy.
p/s: This blog post shall be your present for now okay? :D

*Ahem, please distract Adam with a birthday wish in the comment section below so that he doesn't realise I have no present for him just yet. Thank you very much.

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