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Friday, December 14, 2012

Food: Cupcakes by JOW Creations

Jo Weng, or more commonly known affectionately to us as Jow, is a good friend that I've known for a long time. However, since September this year, Jow no long becomes a name that only we use, for he has starting sharing his cupcake passion with everyone else, under the moniker Cupcakes by JOW Creations.

Leaving a cushy job at an investment bank to pursue this dream of his, Jow now operates from home and bakes cupcakes upon order at his website, Besides his 8 signature flavours (more on those later!), he also does a lot of cupcake R&D to perfect his craft, coming up with fresh new flavours each month. This month, we got a delivery of his two December specials to try!

Meet the Orange Toffee and the Red Velvet.

The Orange Toffee cupcake is perfect for someone looking for a zesty affair. The citrus tang in the tall heaped cream cheese topping will hit you first, leaving a pleasant lingering orange-y taste behind as you chow down on the rest of the cupcake. 

When I bit into it, I was pleasantly surprised to find a toffee filling in the body of this cupcake. The frosting, coupled together with its runny toffee core, is an intense combination of flavours. I say, great for any holiday dos!

Next comes the Red Velvet, in a shade of deep sexy chocolatey red, not in the very least frightful (unlike some garish red velvet cake for sale these days). 

If you're looking for something milder yet still festive enough, then you'd probably love this. Less sweet than the Orange Toffee, the Red Velvet is delightfully moist and pairs perfectly with its velvety cream cheese crown. A nice touch are the hawaiian coconut shavings on top, adding a bite of crunch (and also a bit of a tropical feel!) to the whole experience.

I suppose what makes Jow stand out as a cupcake connoisseur (or as we now jokingly call him, the cupcake tycoon) in his own right is his own trademark recipes. He's been baking for us since our secondary school days and many successes and mishaps (which I shall not share :p) later, has gotten the science of cupcakery, mastered.

I like that his cupcakes are bite-sized and fluffy without being dry, moist without being too dense - something I personally find rather rare. No preservatives are added, and cupcakes are baked fresh daily. And if you've noticed, in my review above, he also uses cream cheese frosting for all his cupcakes, instead of butter icing.

Cupcakes for my mom's birthday last month!
Out of his 8 original flavours, my favourites are the Lemon & Pineapple (citrusy and delightful) and surprisingly, the Lavender (refreshing without being too pungent nor overpowering). Other flavours range from chocolate, fruit-based and alcohol-laced ones... I daresay you'll find one flavour you really like!

Last shot before the cupcakes all went missing... into my mouth.

The Orange Toffee and Red Velvet cupcakes above are going for RM 40 per half dozen (only available for this month of December) and the original flavours start from RM 24 per half dozen. Delivery can be arranged with some additional charge. Click here to order!

(Note: In case you were wondering, Jow is pronounced just the same way you would pronounce 'joe', and not any other way like jao, as his website points out!)


Cupcakes by JOW Creations | Site | Facebook
How to buy:
1. Email your orders to
2. Call Jow at +6 011 - 1224 35873.
3. Fill up the order form here

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Sycookies said...

These photos are amazing!

Dropsof Contentment said...

@Sycookies: Awww, thank you for the compliment! :)

Choi Yen said...

I dare not to take red velvet cake because of the colouring however others flavors are welcome *non nom*

Lim Eunice said...

very beautiful red velvet cupcakes!! It'll be best if there's rose flavor isn't it?;P

Constance Ant said...

i like the packaging box where others can get a glimpse what's inside!

i wanna try the red velvet one!

Lim Eunice said...


*mouth sealed*
Eh, the pictures really tempted me eh. . . ! wish I can pop one into my mouth right now! It's 3.10pm while im commenting, tea time!!!!!

Dropsof Contentment said...

@choiyen: Hahaha, take the original flavours then!

@Eunice: That might turn out tasting like sirap bandung! Hehe, go have some cupcakes for tea then :)

@Constance: Only available for the month of December though!

missyblurkit said...

The cuppies look brilliant! And based on your review, its certainly pretty and yummy...unlike many places that only serve pretty cuppies but are lacking in the taste department!

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