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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Food: Petite Millie @ 1Utama Shopping Centre, PJ

*Update 01/12/2013: This outlet has now closed.

Amongst the ever-increasing number of food outlets in 1Utama lies Petite Millie, an unassuming restaurant that looks like a simple cafe on the outside, but actually serves much more sophisticated food inside!

Petite Millie belongs to the same people who brought us Millesime, a fine dining restaurant at Solaris Dutamas. Knowing that, it's no wonder the menu looks different from what we are more used to seeing. But rest assured you are in safe hands at Petite Millie. :D

If you noticed those black bins next to every table and were wondering what they were, wonder no more. No, it's not a personal rubbish bin; it's a nifty box for storing those loose items at the dinner table, like those pesky handbags and DSLR cameras! Instead of taking up space on another chair like how we usually do, this is a much tidier method and saves a lot of space. =)

The menu at Petite Millie is very diverse and detailed; it was one of the rare times we went through the menu and couldn't decide on what to have! Finally we started with the La Petite Moderne (RM 20.90), a traditional smoked and cajun chicken combination with lots of caramelised onions on a tarte flambée - Petite Millie's interpretation of the famous Alsace flame-baked pie.

What struck me the most about this were the onions! Onions were literally everywhere. When you're on a date, it's never advisable to go overboard with the onions, but with this tarte flambée it's impossible not to. Each square slice of this pizza-like dish is topped with a slice of smoked chicken. Some might find it a bit tough to bite through, but the smoky flavour is actually good to balance out the taste of the onions. There's also a slight sour taste from the cream sauce, but putting everything together actually turns this into one fine flambée.

For a 'weightier' dish, we tried the Poutine Cheek (RM 25.90) - beef cheeks braised for 6 hours, served with ground pepper and truffle oil over twice fried fries. (We dare you to say twice fried fries 5 times really quickly =P)

Among the 3 dishes we had, we put this in a deadlock for top spot thanks to the beef used. The beef was extremely tender; proof of the long 6 hours that it took to braise the beef. Twice fried fries is uncommon around town, but not unheard of. For me, I feel it doesn't have much of a difference over normal fries. Here, what really stood out were the mushrooms - nicely juicy and succulent! That said, I wasn't totally sold on the combination of mushrooms with fries and cheese on top. Individually, the beef, mushrooms and fries were very nice, but not a marriage in heaven in our opinion.  

And the other dish that was deadlocked for top in our books was this White Truffle Oil Fish Pie (RM 39.90). Not really know what to expect, we just took the recommendations of the staff, since the full name on the menu is actually "White Truffle Oil Fish Pie... That's Our Signature!". How could you not order something like that on your first time, right? 

On the surface, all that can be seen is pastry topping quite a big and deep bowl. Break it open and the goodness inside is revealed! Described as a baked fish pie in a thick cream sauce with shiitake mushrooms and white truffle oil, we have to say it wasn't too far off the mark.

Unlike the Poutine Cheek, we'd say the combination of flavours here was top notch. The pastry was thin, flaky and buttery, while the cream sauce was rich without being too thick. We enjoyed the big chunks of fish, though we thought there was a slight fishy taste to it towards the end. Paranoia kicked in and we wondered if the cream sauce was masking any bad fish, but thankfully there was no bad ending to the happy start!

Having had a satisfying dinner, we thought dessert could yield the same returns. Going for The Classic Crepe Suzette... It's a Virgin! (RM13.90), we thought would round up dinner nicely. The crepe itself tasted quite flat and dense, not what we were used too. It did go okay with the apricot sauce but the miniature scoop of ice-cream was barely enough to pair with all that crepe! I would suggest saving space and heading over to Waffle World or somewhere similar for a more satisfying end.

(The only entertaining thing about dessert was that the waitress recommended this dessert, said it's full name - The Classic Crepe Suzette... It's a Virgin - and giggled to herself after she said 'virgin', while slightly blushing. #thatawkwardmoment)

Petite Millie has a few interesting drinks on the menu too. I'm always glad to see a wide range of milkshakes! Here they have Nuts for Nuts (RM 14), a mash up of peanut butter, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts. If that combination sounds like a recipe to go nuts over, you're quite right! This was quite thick and milky, with a strong taste of all the nuts combined. I don't want to think about how many calories I ingested thanks to this. =P

We're glad we finally gave Petite Millie a go - Wendy has always tried to get me to pay a visit but it never quite appealed to me. We came close in our last visit to 1 Utama but ended up at L.Table by Lavender instead, learning the hard way that Petite Millie was the better choice! Service was a little spotty at times, (plus they kept on looping the same song over and over again!), but we still recommend everyone give this place a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

*For the full set of photos, check out our Facebook album here - Petite Millie photoset

Petite Millie | Facebook
Lot G146, Ground Floor,
1Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +6 03 7732 0395
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am-10pm

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Sean said...

Oooh, what was the song that kept looping? :D Am wondering if the kitchen has a secret non-virginal crepe that it could whip up if customers request it :D

ulric said...

I think I will go nuts after tasting the Nuts for Nuts...too nutty for me...hahaha :P

I'm gonna try their Country Side Mill's Lamb Cutlets when I make my virgin visit...hahaha =)

missyblurkit said...

One of my fave places for tea when we have our meetings in One Avenue.

The Yum List said...

Looks like you tried all of the best dishes!

Food Dreams said...

been meaning to try this place but just could never make it with always something planned.. the fish pie and crepes looked really lovely.

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