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Monday, December 31, 2012

Food: The Red Beanbag @ Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara

Indeed, stairs worth climbing.

For our final post in 2012, we thought it fitting that it should go to a place that has truly been one of the breakout locations this year. After much thought, The Red Beanbag won out. Because let's face it, who hasn't heard of The Red Beanbag in Solaris Dutamas sometime during this year of 2012 eh? :D

What makes it even more noteworthy is the fact that The Red Beanbag has been in operation for just a couple weeks over a year at this point of posting! If there was an award for the restaurant which has had the most stellar year in 2012, The Red Beanbag would definitely be in the nominee list. :)

If you haven't been here and don't know where it is, don't bother with addresses, since addresses don't help much in Publika / Solaris Dutamas. Directions are easier; get to Fat Boy's The Burger Bar or San Francisco Coffee at the Square then cross the road to the shops opposite and walk up the staircase. Yes, the staircase is the fastest way to The Red Beanbag. That's fine though; everyone should work up an appetite before visiting! There might be a lift for when it rains, but it's quite far away. 

Come on any weekend, especially a Sunday, and expect to find throngs of hungry stomachs crowding the place from the morning! The Red Beanbag specialises in breakfast / brunch / lunch menus (though they've also launched a dinner menu along the way), so expect lots of friends and families coming to hang out on weekends. 

Since they specialize in breakfast menus, obviously they must have some good breakfast items. If you're having trouble deciding, why not just have everything? The hearty RBB Signature Breakfast (RM 19.90) will keep you covered, coming with a choice of poached, sunnyside up or scrambled eggs with toast, sautéed wild mushrooms with beef bacon or turkey ham, baked beans, hash brown and another choice of beef or chicken sausage.

I enjoyed the generous serving of mushrooms here; they were extremely juicy and succulent. The scrambled eggs were pretty good too, fluffy and well-seasoned. I particularly enjoyed the lightly buttered crusty toast they served!

Of course, Adam believes that any self-respectable breakfast-serving cafe should have good quality sausages and so, we also put the lamb bratwurst (additional pricey add-on of RM 8) at The Red Beanbag to the test. Unfortunately, we weren't completely bowled over. While the lamb sausage was peppered with lots of flavourful spices, they were simply too greasy for us.

The Eggs Benedict (RM 15.90) was an easy choice to make, with the promise of runny eggs luring us in. We were a little caught off guard when it arrived, not expecting it to be a such a large portion. Two whole poached eggs atop more mushrooms and streaky bacon with lots and lots of buttery-yellow hollandaise sauce... heaven!

One egg was poached to a runny perfection, the other not so, but that didn't stop us from mopping up all the yolk and hollandaise goodness with the toast. I couldn't get enough of the mushrooms from the breakfast platter, so they made for a good companion with all that rich, creamy sauce.

The Traditional Beef Burger with The Lot (RM 22) was a burger to behold. The moment it arrived on a wooden board, almost toppling over due to its sheer size, we knew we were gonna have a good time. :D

Straightened out the burger so it didn't fall over

This was a sloppy mess, but a fine one at that. The substantial burger patty was thick and extremely juicy, and I liked how the fried egg, bacon rashers (completely hidden by the egg) and rocket leaves added their own distinct flavours to each beefy bite. We were stuffed, but we still wiped this out completely... 

On our next visit, we decided to order The RBB Hot Chocolate (RM 8.50). This was very good; smooth and rich with a nice layer of froth up top. Not too sweet either, which we appreciated.

Pretty art for our hot chocolate - deserves another pic, I say!

Chocolate is available in a sinful iced version (Ice ChoccyRM 9) too, with thick chocolate drippings running down the inner edges of the glass. Something less rich - Bundaberg Root Beer (RM 6) - is also a pretty good thirst quencher for a scorching day. Coffee is supposed to be good here, but neither of us can appreciate it all that much so we shall not pretend we can

We had read lots of good things about their Specialty Baked Eggs (RM 17.90) and I was determined to give this mashup of chicken, beef AND lamb bratwurst, sundried tomatoes, potatoes, eggs and cheese a go. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the rich, flavourful taste of this (possibly thanks to the various meaty sausages), but the entire dish was a bit too over-baked to enjoy it the way I had imagined. We ended up scooping up spoonfuls of the firm mixture and balancing them on our toast, as opposed to dipping the toast into a pool of runny yolk, cheese and sauce... Maybe we will have better luck next time. 

Thankfully, the other recommendation turned out excellent - The Red Beanbag's interpretation of the classic French Toast (RM 13.90), a thick slab of toast lovingly coated in slivered almonds.

This is my favourite of The Red Beanbag thus far. The toast was incredibly fluffy, with the golden almond coating providing a welcome crunch and a pleasant nutty aroma. Drizzle with some maple syrup, and accompany with the seasonal fruits on the side (we got strawberries and some lovely pitted cherries) for a perfect finish. Now, if only there had been more toast to go around! :p

The ambiance at The Red Beanbag is quite charming, lots of natural sunlight streaming in and comfy pillows, which is why everyone generally hangs around chatting and chilling, cuppa after cuppa. Don't be fooled though, Red Beanbag is scarcely so empty, the above picture was taken at around 4pm, long after the brunch crowd had left.

To sum it up, food at The Red Beanbag is generally pretty good, though they can be a bit inconsistent (like our poached eggs) especially when the orders start coming in at the peak of lunch. Come early to avoid disappointment, we were told once that the waiting time would take about 45 minutes (!!!) and note that their breakfast menu ceases by 3pm (we also found this out the hard way on a day I was really craving French Toast lol).

*For the full set of photos, visit our Red Beanbag album here.

And that wraps up this post, as well our year of blogging in 2012. We really hope you enjoyed our food adventures this year, and we hope to continue bringing you more new places to seek contentment in 2013! :D Here's to a great year ahead for all of us... Happy New Year!

The Red Beanbag | Facebook
Lot A4-1-08, Level 1, (overlooking The Square)
Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03-6211 5116
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri, 10am-10pm; Sat & Sun 9:30am-10pm, closed on Mondays

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