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Monday, January 7, 2013

Travel: Heng Carrot Cake & Oyster Omelette @ Newton Food Centre, Singapore

Not many people know this, but my mother is actually from Singapore. Back when I was a child, and when both my mother's parents were still alive, we made the 300 over km drive down to Singapore down every year. Being a child, I don't remember much of my Singapore trips, but what I do remember, I remember vividly.

Amongst some of these memories - playing outdoors games with my cousins in the big yard of my grandparents' house and masak-masak indoors, my grandfather driving us out at night for some McDonalds (such a treat back then!), having Katong laksa every trip, and my grandparents buying back carrot cake or cha dau kuey from the market for my breakfast.

10 dishes you can't afford to miss in Singapore, with my cha dau kuey being #1 and katong laksa at #8.
Whenever I talk about carrot cake, a common misconception is that I'm talking about a slice of carrot cake with a cream cheese coat, but no! :D

It is the traditional radish cake that I'm referring to, all cut into small cubes and fried with egg, akin to char kuey teow. The version we usually get in our night markets is packed with chilli flakes, but the version from Singapore that wins my stomach is a dark soy sauce version.

A google search for the 'best carrot cake in Singapore' actually pointed me towards the Chomp Chomp Food Court in Serangoon, but Adam talked me out of it because it was too far away as we were in Marina Bay Sands after our Sands Skypark visit (sobs :( ) and our cab driver said that it might not be open.

In the end, at our cab driver's suggestion, we ended up at the Newton Food Centre in Newton, a large square of hawker stalls, all brightly lit up.

Inside Newton Food Centre, comes another highly recommended carrot cake stall in the form of Heng Carrot Cake. It's common in Singapore that they ask you which version of carrot cake you want, the light/white version or the dark/black version. Obviously, I chose the one I had been craving, the black!

Oh glorious sin.

The Dark Carrot Cake (SGD 5) was a sizable portion, but more importantly, it tasted awesome. (I do remember having an even more awesome-r one when I was younger, but I wasn't about to be choosy at that point because I had been craving dark carrot cake for so long. I shall persevere on for my Singapore carrot cake hunt!).

There was a generous helping of egg in it, which I loved, and more importantly, the sweet dark sauce went perfectly with the soft radish cake. Not as good as the childhood version I remember, but still satisfying. If you don't like your savoury things sweet, I suggest you go for the white/light version instead, which is more savoury than the dark.

The Oyster Omelette (oh chien, SGD 5) was also a welcome dish at our table, but I've had better here in KL. It was fried to a delightful starchy crisp but had very little in terms of flavouring, though nothing a healthy douse of their spicy chilli dip couldn't fix.

While Adam made his rounds around the food court, he got sucked in by this Ye Lai Xiang Tasty Barbecue stall, proclaiming to have the best hawker Western food and also winner of some best food award? It even has a website and all! 

After hearing the owner's spiel, we got a Chicken Chop (SGD 6.50) to try, but was sorely disappointed. It was acceptable for a meal, quite a large piece of chicken, but surely not Best Western Food award-winning material.

But nothing, nothing prepared us for the calamity that was the Grilled Stingray. In true food court style, stall workers also come to approach you as soon as you sit down, touting their various dishes. Having been up and about Singapore city all day, we tiredly said okay to the S32 Grill stall, ordering a Grilled Stingray for SGD 18. This was by far the worst I've ever tried. It was pricey, tasteless and the fish was tremendously overcooked. We gave up after a few bites.

Some local canned herbal tea

In all, I suppose you could call almost mission accomplished. Though we experienced some bad, some so-so, but at least I got to satisfy my craving for some of that "black" Fried Carrot Cake

That being said, the food court is actually pretty big and was rather crowded than we were there, so we could have been trying all the wrong things as well. Anyone have good fried carrot cake to recommend in Singapore? :p

Heng Carrot Cake
Stall No. 28
Newton Food Centre (纽顿熟食中心)
500 Clemenceau Ave
Singapore 229495

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