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Friday, March 1, 2013

Food: myElephant Thai Restaurant @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Check it out - full restaurant and long queue outside, on a drizzly Sunday night.
myElephant has become a favourite place to dine for Thai food. I guess some would be deterred by the queue, and well, we were too, but I suppose... good food warrants a little waiting? 

Interrupting regular transmission to remember our 4th Anniversary in this post - for her and for him. :p
In fact, the ambiance is quite nice; cozy & dimly lit. We even chose to have a simple dinner here on our recent 4th anniversary in November last year. :)

(Yes, so the picture is not completely unrelated to myElephant, because it's where we went for dinner on that day!)

Though we visited myElephant nearly a year ago, for some reason (mainly laziness =P) this post still has not seen any progress to the Publish button! But even though the place has been around for awhile now, it continues to attract groups of families and friends alike, with the interior decor still looking modern and trendy, keeping up with the times. 

Once again, this is a post with pictures compiled over a couple of visits, so be prepared for a long post! If it's your first time, the myElephant Tom Yum Seafood (RM25 for small) is bound to catch your attention for it claims it's "super spicy". We aren't usually fans of clear tom yum soups, liking ours thicker and darker with chilli paste, but when something is labeled as "super spicy" with "aromatic fresh Thai herbs", how to resist, right?

The soup certainly lived up to it's name despite its pale disguise; the soup was very, VERY spicy! Even mum who thrives on spicy, found it a tad overpowering. It's that kind of spicy feeling that hits at the first sip, takes control of your tastebuds and tongue, and never leaves. In fact it was so spicy, we felt that sensation pretty much overwhelmed the rest of the soup. We'd recommend this only for those who love burning their tongues off. Personally, we'd prefer another option.....

...which is their normal Tom Yum (RM 23 for a small serving with seafood). Now, this was more what we were looking for! This soup is milder in spice despite its colour from their homemade chilli paste, but we found it richer in flavour compared to the one above. It was also tangier with more lime added, which we liked.

Fried chicken is a mainstay in most food cultures, but in Thai culture even fried chicken is jazzed up with mixtures of herbs and spices! The Gai Tod Grakiam Prik Thai (RM 16) is boneless chicken strips deep fried bearing a trio of flavours from garlic, Thai peppercorn, and kaffir lime leaves. The chicken is deep fried to perfection, crunchily addictive with a lovely faint aroma from its marinade above, which is what makes it so special. You can dip it with the sweet chilli sauce but it tastes just as good on its own as well. Definitely recommended. 

For something with a bit of gravy, nothing beats a good old Thai Green Curry, also known as Gaeng Keow Wan (small portion at RM 19) on the menu. This is another of our must-orders at myElephant due to its thick and aromatic curry, rich with coconut milk. There was almost no hint of spiciness in the creamy curry, so some might be disappointed by that. The chunky chicken bits are are quite firm (think breast meat) but to our surprise, it went very well with the curry despite us being used to beef with our green curry instead. We mopped up every drop. How sinful!

As myElephant didn't serve pork or beef at time of review (which reminds us, time to try their new outlet that serves pork - KomPassion), we thought we'd go for some squid instead. Being a bit adventurous, we ordered the Plah Meuk Phad Pong Kari (RM18), pan fried squid with a curried egg gravy. We were expecting this to have more curry spice fragrance, but it was too mild for our liking. Alas, though the flavour was good, it wasn't spicy enough for us (as if the rest of the food wasn't spicy enough!). 

On another visit, we tried another squid dish, which was the Plah Meuk Yang Prik Kluea (RM 21). This was a more simple serving of squid, simply grilled with some chilli and salt. This was quite interesting because we'd never tried something like this before - the squid was cooked just right, with a pleasant bounce to each piece. Its chilli and salt rub wasn't very spicy, but if you want more of a kick, the squid is also served with a potent sour-spicy dipping sauce.

Is it just us, or do we rarely see paku pakis on menus? Mum immediately chose it when she spotted it. The Paku or fern tips (RM15) came stir-fried with belacan (vegetarians can opt for a version omitting belacan too). Neither of us are huge fans of this, but we obligingly ate them anyway. Not a fan of the waxy aftertaste. The paku also doesn't really absorb the belacan as well as kangkung would have.

In case you couldn't already tell, we much preferred this - Thai Kangkung (RM 15), stir-fried with the use of their special Thai sauce. We didn't really know what the Thai sauce the menu referred to was but Wendy suspects a liberal dousing of fish sauce was used because it was a little salty, especially with no rice. Stir-fried together with the greens was also a generous helping of minced chicken, making this very tasty and worth your while.

Mum had wanted white rice due to the high sugar content in jasmine rice but there was no such option. Only one type of rice is served here, a mix of Hom Malee (jasmine rice) and brown rice (RM 3 per pax and refillable). I suppose having the brown rice mixed in, is an attempt to even out the high glucose in jasmine rice? Health concerns aside, Wendy and I really enjoyed this fluffy, fragrant combination, which went especially well with the green curry. 

The Pandan Cooler (RM3.50) is an excellent way to put out mouth-fires caused by spicy tom yum, and it's what we always order when we dine at myElephant. The drink has a lovely cooling aroma of pandan, and we must say it's fun trying to crunch the basil seeds (yes, those frog egg lookalikes) served in it.

Finally, to round up this supremely long post, we show off the desserts at myElephant, starting with cake that is actually not made by them! myElephant stocks Purple Monkey cheesecakes, so if you've heard about it and want to give it a try but don't want to order a whole cake, myElephant sells it in slices. 

Purple Monkey advertises its cheesecakes as frozen ones, so what you get is a delectable ice-cream-like cheese atop a thin biscuit base. Not everyone likes the ice cream texture though, Wendy likes it while I prefer a more conventional texture. This was the Durian Cheesecake (RM 9.50), rather pricey for the size of the slice in our opinion. 

For made-in-myElephant desserts, there's the common Red Ruby on offer (RM 6.50). It's won't be the best Red Ruby in town (found the chestnut bits a bit too clumpy), but was nicely cold and sweet after a full meal of hot and spicy, delivering a cool and crunchy end to dinner.

Or for something less common, give the Mango Sago (RM 6.50) a try. This is bound to delight all sweet-tooth aficionados; layers of sweet mango, rich coconut cream and sago making a delightful combination.

For a safe Thai option that is suitable for meals with friends or dates, we would recommend myElephant as the right choice! Be prepared to make bookings though, because the place isn't very big and it fills up fast especially on weekends. Despite it being sinful, do order the green curry. :D

myElephant Thai Restaurant | Site
Block C-G4, Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13, Section 17,
46400 Selangor
Tel: +6 010 220 1283
Opening Hours: Daily; 12pm-2pm & 6pm-10pm

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