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Friday, March 22, 2013

Food: The Grind Burger Bar @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Food is like fashion. There's a cycle of trends, and a huge market following the trend! Since the 2nd half of 2012, we seem to have been on a wild burger trend, with a new and unique burger joint sprouting up every now and then over the Klang Valley (and even in Penang, we hear). Now we add one more to the list - The Grind Burger Bar at Section 17.

The Grind is not to be confused with The Daily Grind in Bangsar Village, as it has no relation whatsoever to that well-established burger joint. Vintage posters of burgers in various pose line the walls. We particularly like one that shows a traditional chinese lady holding a burger in one hand. It looks normal, yet inconceivable that she might have held a burger during those years... haha!

I also liked the warm lighting and the do-up of the place, though Wendy found the use of bricks throughout the place a tad excessive. Perhaps it saves on wallpaper cost? Either way, the vibe is relaxing and hip, attracting a mix of the after-office crowd and young uni students.

Obviously, the menu is mostly dedicated to burgers, but there are also some main courses - the likes of bangers & mash, hot dog, meatballs - for those who don't feel like a burger. For some nibbles, we had the Fried Onion Rings (RM 8). These turned out to be very well done, leaving us certainly satisfied! Each ring held just the right amounts of minced onion and crispy batter, not too oily.

But what really makes this special is the house sauce, a concoction that looks slightly yellower than mayonnaise, and contains something extra that we couldn't put our finger on. Unfortunately the wait staff couldn't tell us either. Whatever it is, dipping onion rings with that sauce turns it into one of those cannot-put-down snacks! =D

The JD Burger - porkified!

For almost all their burgers, there is a choice of pork patty or beef patty, an option which we appreciated. Burgers can be customized by adding on extra of whatever you fancy - more cheese, another patty, even a portabella - you name it.

We asked for a recommendation, and came away with  The JD Burger with pork patty (RM 18; RM 20 for beef), which apparently contains their secret Jack Daniel's sauce. When we heard that, we ordered it straight away! =D

Topless, unearthing a lovely coat of natural cheddar.
Unfortunately, I couldn't taste any bit of alcohol, while Wendy thought she caught a slight whiff of it at first bite, but I think that was just in her head!

Lack of JD aside, this was a good burger. The pork patty was sufficiently juicy and flavourful, and together with the crispy bacon, it was just perfect. This burger was still quite manageable to eat in whole mouthfuls, I would have liked to add in an extra patty or egg to improve this even morem but that's just me. =D

For a first visit, we naturally gravitated towards this namesake: The Grind House Burger with a beef patty (RM 21; RM 18 for pork), an impressive tower of patty, fried egg, bacon, caramelized onions and a list of greens. The menu also describes this as containing "dracula mayo", so don't be shocked when you see the ropes of pink goo spread all over the burger!

A closer look at that dracula mayo.

This burger is a far messier eat compared to The JD Burger. Each bite we took resulted in drippings of juice from the fresh greens, to the beef patty, the dracula mayo to the runny yolk - definitely not for dainty eaters! 

I liked the addition of the fried egg and the caramelized onions but on the downside, we found the beef patty lacking in flavour, as much as we wanted to like it. While the patty was large (a third of a pound, we're told) and made from only pure beef (no addition of breadcrumbs), it would have been a lot more satisfying with some extra seasoning. That night, we thought the pork patty was the clear winner. 

For drinks, The Grind has some unique names for common drinks. Perhaps keeping with the beef; White Cow for a Sprite float, Brown Cow for a Coke float, and Black Cow for a root beer float which I had. Sadly for RM 8, I didn't feel the floats were worth the money. Unlike other places like Betty's, The Grind doesn't give you the whole can/bottle of root beer or Coke, which I find a tad disappointing since I don't think a small glass like that holds an entire can of drink, especially with ice cream inside. 

Finally, I leave this picture till last, because this is what you will see at the end of your meal on the way to the  washbasin! A kitchen working hard at creating consistent works of burger-art. =D

All burgers come with a serving of fries and their special dip.

The Grind is the kind of place we really want to like. Open daily, no boisterous queues or long waits as yet, and parking at night is convenient for now, despite having neighbours I'm Spicy and Kanna Curry House along the same row of shoplots.

Bartop dining - casual night out

However, try as we might, comparisons are inevitable. For now, we can't bring ourselves to rate The Grind on par with MyBurgerLab though the fact that it has pork burgers will be a big plus for many. We'll still be back again though, to try some of their main courses and give their beef patty another go. More of their pork burgers, too!

The Grind Burger Bar | Facebook
No. 7, Jalan 17/45, Section 17,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: Daily, 10pm-3pm & 5pm-10pm

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