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Friday, March 8, 2013

Tickling My Tastebuds

Ever since 2013 began, I have been pretty stressed out at work. More so, in the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, every time I'm stressed out, I tend to have this one insufferable, consistent craving: Dessert! :p

Usually a good old scoop of ice cream does the trick but since I've also been nursing a horrid recurring cough, Adam has banned me from entering all ice cream parlours.

Well, you know what happens when cravings aren't satisfied? They get larger, and larger, and larger....

This got me thinking - we've managed to visit lots of great places and had many an excellent dessert in the past year of serious blogging. But which one really tickled our (or more accurately, my; because I'm  definitely the sweet tooth in this relationship) tastebuds last year?

If I had to choose one dessert right now to satisfy my crave, it would be this one right here:

The work of art that is Nosh's Valhrona Heaven, priced at RM 32 (Read original post on Nosh here)

The Valhrona Heaven is a decadent threesome of pure, unadulterated sin; a lovely array of intense flavours with contrasting textures and temperatures. The chocolate ice cream on a field of chocolate crumble is achingly creamy; with a texture of satin on the tongue. The ice cream is lovely, so dense that you find it melting at a slow pace, almost casually! In the ramekin lies an adeptly-prepared molten chocolate cake, threatening to release a hot stream of chocolate lava at the slightest prod of the fork. The last is a shiny, sleek tart au chocolat, finished off with a speck of edible gold. Oozing luxury, the rich pastry was perfect with the lovely consistency of the bittersweet dark chocolate filling.

This, ladies and gentlemen, really brings the phrase 'to die for' to a whole new level. In fact, I think I need to make a trip to Nosh as soon as possible (uhhh like... now) to satisfy those pesky cravings of mine. Will you join me in re-tickling my tastebuds with the Valhrona Heaven

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