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Friday, May 24, 2013

Food: Bar Bites @ Brotzeit, Mid Valley Megamall

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By now, Brotzeit is considered an established name amongst the ever-growing population of bars and restaurants. But then not many people would think of Brotzeit when looking for somewhere to have afternoon tea. Which is why they have now launched a new tea time menu specifically aimed at drawing in the afternoon crowd for some light snacks and perhaps a beer or two. =)

Usually we save the most fascinating dish till last, but we were served this Mini Brotzeit Platter (RM 29) first - though in our opinion, we wouldn't consider it "mini" - so we're also going to start off the post with this cold Bavarian smorgasboard combining obatzda, gouda, emmenthal cheese, pork belly, leg of ham, pork liver pate and bacon spread with some German bread. If there's one thing worth sharing over afternoon tea (or beer), it's a platter of ham and pate! 

We won't profess to be cheese experts; the furthest I've ever gone with cheese was during cheese tasting sessions in Melbourne! But if you're a real cheese connoisseur, you'll surely be able to appreciate the Emmenthal (the light yellow colour one), Gouda (the chunky darker yellow one), and Obatzda (the middle thick dip in the trio plate). Of the 3, the Gouda has the strongest after taste, while the Emmenthal is the lightest. We also enjoyed the pate, spreading liberal amounts over the bread provided, topping it with some of the cold cuts of ham. What better way to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon? =D

The bar bites menu features a few deep fried options, like this Breaded Camembert (RM 15); featuring majestic twin peaks stuffed with melted cheese!

Just take a look at all that luxurious silky cheese oozing out! While it's actually pretty plain and simple, the taste is improved somewhat by the cranberry sauce provided. It's an excellent touch, as the cranberry sauce neutralizes part of the gooey and cheesy feeling of the camembert cheese.

There's also a simple Mini Fried Platter (RM 13) for those feeling peckish, which is a triplet of prawn, chicken and fish. It's just simple breaded deep-fried meat, but what makes the distinction is the special dip that comes with it! The final product comprises a mix of mayo, mustard, garlic, chilli, and onion plus possibly a host of other ingredients that only Chef Helmut knows - it's something he whipped up on the spot. It's truly a one-of-a-kind sauce that we couldn't get enough of.

Fried food not your thing? How about some fresh seafood? The Seafood Teaser (RM 15) won't fill many tummies (it is a teaser after all!), but it will allow you to savor the individually unique flavours of Smoked salmon, seared tuna, and prawn together with a laugenbread roll. Don't try and share this; one serving is just enough for one average-sized tummy. =D

Raw fish also not your thing? How about a mini roll? The Gypsy Pork Belly Roll (RM 13) is a cute creation, small enough to be considered a snack, but large enough to be quite filling. There's tomato, egg, pickled cucumber, and gypsy pork belly, creating a well balanced taste between the salty pork belly and the refreshing vegetables.

The Smoked Salmon Roll (RM 15) is quite similar to the Gypsy Pork Belly Roll, except for the absence of egg (and pork belly of course!). Wendy liked this more because of the addition of cream cheese with the smoked salmon, while I of course, preferred the pork belly one like any self-respecting meat lover :D There's no telling which roll is better; both are unique in their own way. 

Credit must be given to these yummy bread rolls - coincidentally, Chef Helmut also explained that Brotzeit translated to 'bread time', referring to a time of the day, breakfast/brunch, for Germans - they had a good bite to them and we ended up stuffing ourselves silly with bread.

Moving on to a  well known staple, albeit of the non-halal variety - Pork Meatballs (RM 13). While rolls and fresh seafood are a bit hard to share, these meatballs are perfect for dividing and conquering. There's no need for pasta when it's an afternoon snack. =P

Finally, the one thing I can eat for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner, and supper... Sausages! Called the Sausage Duet (RM 13), this is a partnership of spicy chicken sausage and pork cheese sausage, accompanied by more laugenbread rolls. The spicy sausage does live up to its name, reminding us of other 'dynamite' sausages we've had in the past, while the cheese sausage is excellent as always, juicy and sinful. Again this portion is just nice for one person I reckon; you'd have a tough time getting me to share this one. =P

While that concluded the tasting of the new Bar Bites menu, we were not done with the meal yet! Out came the dessert, featuring a mound of strawberries in the middle, with a chocolate biscuit resting on one scoop of ice cream each. But was that really a biscuit?

Turns out, that "biscuit" is the highlight of the dessert, because it's actually very crispy bacon coated in gleaming chocolate! The bacon is extremely crispy, so it's easy to eat. Don't kid yourself and expect a sweet taste, because the taste is definitely savoury in nature with hints of sweet chocolate. But don't leave the other parts unattended! The strawberries are spiced with pepper, while the cream-coloured quenelles beneath the bacon are a lovely milky white chocolate mousse and not ice cream as we initially thought. Eat a bit of everything together with the bacon chocolate, and I daresay your eyes will light up soon after. =D

Admitting the need to create more "fruity" desserts, Brotzeit also has this Orange Cream Cheese Flavoured Tiramisu on it's new dessert menu. What made this so interesting was the citrus twist to a coffee-based dessert, and the fact that Chef Helmut's recipe contained absolutely no mascarpone cheese. Instead he used cream cheese, whipping it to mirror the texture of mascarpone. Very impressive! A tad too sweet for us after a few spoonfuls, though.

There was also the Chocolate Profiterole with Vanilla Ice Cream and Sugar Apple Fritter on Vanilla Sauce. We liked the apple fritter, a flat ring of apple slices battered, fried and sugared like a donut. All the desserts disappeared in a jiffy!

But wait! There was one more surprise in store for us. These little babies looked cute from the outside, but as the saying goes, big things can come in small packages! =D

In each of these Berentzen Schnapps was alcohol content of about 15-18%. There are a few flavours available like apple, plum, or fruits of the forest (a mixed berries flavour). The easiest to drink for us was probably the apple reminiscent of apple Bacardi. We didn't fancy the berry flavoured one that much, because it had that berry cough syrup taste to it. Whatever it is, don't go downing too many of these lil' fellas, or you'll have a hard time thinking straight later! Thankfully by then we were done with all the pictures, or we might not have had a steady hand anymore. =D One bottle is RM 15, or you can get a set of 5 for RM 60. Only available at Brotzeit!

We also had some Fursten Gold, a pleasant refreshing beer to go with all the pork dishes we were having. Glides down the throat and slightly earthy.

While the prices at Brotzeit are generally on the high side, the launch of this latest Bar Bites menu tries to address that by creating some much more affordable afternoon snacks! The Bar Bites menu has been launched since May 1, so head on down to Brotzeit for your own afternoon treats today. =)

Brozeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant | Facebook
At the end of the row from Chili's & Delicious
Lot G(E)-018,
Ground External Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2287 9516
Opening Hours: Daily from 11am, closes at 1am on Fri & Sat, and 12am all other days.
Bar Bites Menu as reviewed is available from 3pm-6pm daily

Brotzeit's food is also conveniently available on

*All photos here taken with iPhone5

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