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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Zespri 14-day Scoop of Amazing Challenge: Day #7 - Our Kiwi Diary; simple Kiwi Konyaku Jelly

Today marks the halfway point of the Zespri 14-day Scoop of Amazing Challenge. Before the challenge, I actually would rarely buy kiwis, but after consuming them for 7 days straight, I daresay we would really miss them after this challenge is over. 

Lunch box on Tuesday, a Zespri kiwi and an orange. Vit C galore, although most of that comes from the kiwi, not the orange!

So far, it's really been quite easy to incorporate the Zespri® kiwifruit into our daily diet. No peeling or lots of slicing required, just fruit ninja it down the middle into halves and the rest is scooping out as much of the flesh as we can. I usually consume one in the morning before I leave to work, or if I wake up late (oops), I just bring one with me to work and have it after lunch. :D

Zespri SunGold kiwis, lemon juice, mint, pandan and ice cream soda. Ahhh. 

The experience has been excellent so far. As I was saying in our first challenge post, we were pretty much neglecting fruits in our hectic lifestyles, so setting our minds to do this challenge has been really good so far for us. 

Although some of the effects that kiwis profess to have, such as high Vitamin C, Vitamin K and potassium content, aren't visible to the naked eye but we'd say we feel pretty good so far (and I'd say my intestines & bowels thank me too, if you know what I mean :p). No falling sick just yet, which is a big achievement because I have been falling sick way too much!

Kiwifruit is also a rich source of actinidin, a digestive enzyme that's responsible for breaking down protein in your body. This helps you feel less bloated. This I can vouch for - we came back after a greasy KFC dinner on Thursday night and wolfed down three Zespri® SunGold kiwis and felt much more relieved after that. :)

If you too would like to make this wonder fruit a part of your diet, I've seen Cold Storage heavily stocking up on the Zespri® Green & Gold variants this week in both the Jaya One & Sunway Pyramid branches. Do check out your nearest grocer to get your hands on some too!

My nephews and nieces are also really enjoying this latest kiwi spree that I've been on. If they didn't like the fruit before, then well, they sure do now! Being a the full-time, ever-doting Aunty Wen that I am, I made a simple idiot-proof konyaku jelly with kiwis for them to enjoy today. They loved it!

Really Easy Kiwifruit Konyaku Jelly

Makes 25 jellies

1 packet instant konyaku jelly powder
Water as per instructions
A knot of pandan leaves
3 kiwis
1/2 can nata de coco
1/2 can pineapple cubes
1/2 lemon, juiced


1. Skin & cube the kiwis. Use a variety of Green & Sungold kiwis for a more colourful finish.

2. Further cut the pineapple cubes and nata de coco cubes into half if too large. Save the canned syrup and put aside.

3. Distribute the kiwis, nata de coco and pineapple cubes evenly into jelly moulds. 

4. Measure the water per the instructions on your instant packet, add in knotted pandan leaves and bring to a boil. Gradually add in konyaku jelly instant powder, stirring till powder is dissolved.

5. Add in half a can of syrup and lemon juice into konyaku jelly mixture. Stir well. (Note: If your instant konyaku powder calls for sugar, you may substitute it for more syrup instead.)

6. Remove from heat and immediately pour mixture into moulds. Cool down in room temperature for 15 minutes before chilling in refrigerator for another 1 hour. Serve chilled.

You can't really go wrong with konyaku jelly, but I always like adding in the lemon juice to make it extra refreshing. I've never tried having it with kiwis before (usually only pineapple and nata de coco) and I must say I like the different texture it gives to the jelly. If you have some lemongrass at your disposal, you can throw that in together with the pandan leaves too. Makes for an excellent treat on a hot afternoon.

So one week down, and another week to go in this challenge! Looking forward to more health benefits from the humble kiwi and to see how else to incorporate it into our diet. For more information, do log on to or follow the #zespriMY hashtag on social media.

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