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Monday, July 1, 2013

Taking on the Zespri 14-day Scoop of Amazing Challenge!

Being busy with late working nights and packed weekend schedules has made it difficult for the both of us to get our require dosage of fruits and veggies and all the necessary nutrients that come together with them. Not unless you count the pathetic shredded, wilted lettuce in a McDonald's burger... Very bad, we know.

Anyway, what's up with all the kiwis I've been seeing on my feed!?

So, when Zespri approached us about the 14-day Scoop of Amazing Challenge that was being carried out for the first time in Malaysia, we were a bit apprehensive. At first I thought that entailed me cooking up a kiwi storm in the kitchen (with absolutely zero help from Adam unless it's to eat), so I was balking at it at the beginning. :p

Zespri kiwifruits - Green & Sungold

After we found out that it was to consume kiwis for 14 days consecutively as part of our daily diet, we got pretty excited at the idea because 1) kiwis have a whole host of wonderful nutrients and goodness and 2) I really like the golden variety kiwis.

So yes, you will be exposed to an onslaught of kiwi-mania from the both of us for the next 12 days (today is Day #2 of 14!) and hopefully this will lead to healthier eating for us, and learning something new about kiwis in the process for you. Win-win. :)

(All participating bloggers will be posting via the #zespriMY hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, so do check it out if you'd like to see all their creative ways of using kiwis in recipes!)

What do we think of the Zespri kiwis thus far?

To be honest, I've always found the green kiwis a bit too sour for my liking, and was a bit of a gold-kiwi-only snob, and would only eat the golden ones my uncle brought over from New Zealand each time. Let me just say that all that has changed after tasting the Zespri® Green Kiwifruit. Am very glad we can get Zespri kiwis in Malaysia - now I know exactly which types to buy for sweet, juicy kiwis. It still has a bit of an acidic tang, but once you get past the slight sourness, there's a lovely pleasant sweetness to the soft flesh.

Yummers! :D

Besides the green kiwi, we also got the Zespri® SunGold Kiwifruit to try, a new variant from Zespri that is a result of 10 years of research (but non-genetically modified, so don't worry). These are larger than the normal gold ones and were sweeter too, with a slight nectared taste over the green ones. I thought the texture was smoother than the green as well. The golden ones have a bronze-y fur free skin, compared to the darker furry green ones - it's very easy to tell them apart. I know some people chomp the whole kiwi down, skin included, but I haven't managed to bring myself to do that just yet. Haha!

What exactly can a kiwi do for me?

There's a host of many amazing things that a kiwi contains, but the first one that stood out was that it's got a low GI (Glycemic Index). This means that it does not increase one's blood sugar rapidly, and hence is an ideal fruit for diabetics. Both Adam's and my mother are diabetic, so it's really nice to be able to share these sweet kiwis with them. 

Besides there, there's lot more that we'll be sharing with you on these little furry ones, so do stay tuned! We'll also try to find some time to incorporate it into cooking, although we'd say it tastes best on its own, in it's pure unadulterated form.

This morning's breakfast posted via instagram - chunked kiwi simply topped with Greek yogurt

If you'd like more information on Zespri and their kiwifruit, you can check out their website here.

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