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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zespri 14-day Scoop of Amazing Challenge: Day #14 - It's A Wrap!

So, for the last 14 days we've welcome some new furry friends into our daily routine - some green, some gold. It's been an interesting 14-day challenge, to say the very least! For our final day of the challenge, our mission - to summarize how we feel now about our furry friends kiwis !

After the 14 days, I can safely say that I'm now a fan of kiwis! I only liked the gold ones before, and thought the green ones were sour, but now I put two hands up in defeat and sincerely apologize to the green for misunderstanding it all this while. 

Of course, after the 14 days, I have to say we feel a lot better for having some daily fruit intake, particularly kiwis which help with digestion in general. Everything has been smooth on the toilet front, sometimes a bit too smooth even :S 

We're all in the same boat..I mean, bowl.

Honestly when we first took up this challenge to eat kiwi for 14 days, we had no idea how we were going to do it. Kiwi shakes? Cakes? Curry?? It was all very daunting, especially when we hardly ever cook, let alone with something as unique as kiwi! 

Ok, make that more like I hardly ever cook. Wendy does once in a while, so she basically single-handedly got us through these last 14 days! In the beginning, things were kept rather simple, with the likes of sliced kiwi mixed with plain yogurt making a rather tasty breakfast. We recommend this for all hours of the day. =D

There's no limit to Wendy's imagination, and everything was fair game! In fact, I think this challenge made her a lot more creative in the kitchen. A few days into the challenge, out came these Konyanku jelly with sungold kiwi and regular green kiwi and nata de coco inside. Simple to make you might think, but hey the challenge was to find different ways to eat a kiwi, and we daresay putting it into jelly is something anyone sitting at home could do. =D

Of course, things don't always go according to plan, not even for Wendy! Out of the 99% she gets right, there will always be the 1% that fails, and in this case it happened to the kiwi cheese cake she tried to make.

Upon reflection, we should have known it wouldn't work out, since we've learned that kiwi contains an enzyme that breaks down both gelatine and dairy, both of which the recipe contained. (All this info is available on the Zespri website). So yes, don't try this at home! The recipe she followed has also been forever blacklisted in her books.

But the grand finale was yet to come, and this time everything went along perfectly! With supplies of kiwi running low but with a few challenges remaining (aka. use kiwi as a tenderizer), it fell to Wendy to whip up something with meat that could be tenderized with a few kiwis! We never knew this cooking tip before this so it's really thanks to this challenge - now perhaps we can use it on some steak next!

But she didn't just tenderize a few pieces of meat and fry it on the pan. Oh no that would be too easy. Instead she whipped up a whole pot of sweet Bulgogi, homemade with no fake flavouring or cheating to create that authentic sweet taste and aroma! Kiwi as a tenderizer is not a common practice (and the green is supposed to be a better choice actually), but I think we showed everyone it really does work! Anyway, now I'm just looking forward to the next round of bulgogi.. =P  (Me and the rest of the 653657654 people in her family! =D)

And so, after 14 days of challenging ourselves with all kinds of kiwi creativity, we come back to where it all began, at the humble furry friend with a green or yellow centre. Overall it's been a great experience, I think one that has made us lead a more nutritious diet at least for the last 14 days, and to see how easy it is to incorporate kiwis or fruits in general for that matter, into our hectic lives, especially on workdays. It's also challenged us a fair bit in the kitchen (and made Wendy's family very happy with all the extra load of food they've been getting :p) and we've picked up some cooking tips too. :)

We thank all of you for putting up with our constant kiwi chatter over the past two weeks and hope you're inspired to kiwify yourselves soon too!

Side note: Wendy was making an Oreo Cheesecake this afternoon, and her sister popped by. Suspiciously eyeing the cake mix, she asked "umm... so where's the kiwi in this?" HAHAHAHA XD No, we don't have to cook with kiwi everyday from now on, and no, we don't work for Zespri either, for those of you wondering. 

*This Zespri 14-day Scoop of Amazing Challenge was made possible for the kind folks at Zespri and Edelman PR. For more information on the kiwi and its many benefits, do log on to That's a wrap on kiwis for now! :) 

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