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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zespri 14-day Scoop of Amazing Challenge: Curried Chicken Kiwifruit Wrap & Deep Fried Ice Cream Sandwich with Kiwi

Last Friday, I got home pretty late after work and wanted something simple yet healthy. I still had about four kiwis left then, so it was time for more kiwi kitchen escapades for the Zespri 14-day Scoop of Amazing Challenge! :D

I finally settled on using this Curried Chicken Kiwifruit Salad recipe from the Zespri Malaysia website using some leftover fried chicken. The recipe called for pita bread, but I used some wrap skins instead for this (is it just me, or do we rarely get pita bread in our supermarkets anyway? I rarely see them). 

The outcome was really yummy in my opinion, the curry powder and yogurt was an intriguing combination, a bit of a Greek-fusion taste going on. The kiwifruit & apple on the other lent very contrasting textures and sweetness to the whole salad. This really won't impress all taste buds though, my 10-year-old niece and I loved it, but my parents found it the curry powder mightily strange! A bit too new school and fusion for them lah. Haha.

Curried Chicken Kiwifruit Salad in Wrap

Adapted from (with just some itsy-bitsy tweaks) Zespri Malaysia. Original recipe here!
Makes 5 wraps

5 ready-made wraps

3 Zespri® Green Kiwifruit, peeled, quartered and sliced (only used 2)
1 ½ cups (8 oz) chicken breast, skinless, boneless, cooked and shredded (used leftover fried chicken)
1 apple, cored and diced
½ cup celery, sliced (omitted)
⅓ cup golden raisins
½ cup plain yogurt, non-fat
1½ tsp curry powder
4 tsp brown sugar, packed
4 tsp lime juice (I used lemon since we ran out of lime)
¼ tsp salt

1. Mix ingredients A in large bowl; set aside
2. Stir ingredients B vigorously in small bown until sugar dissolves. Pour over mixture A and toss lightly until completely combined.
3. Place wrap flat on plate and top neatly with mixture onto wrap, and roll away! As easy as that. :D

Ta-daa! My finished Curried Chicken Kiwifruit Wrap. :D

Later that night...

Awhile ago, I had seen a step-by-step pictorial of deep-fried ice-cream being shared on Facebook. The steps were in Chinese, so I could barely read a word, but based on the pictures, it looked really really easy! Like, easy enough for me to actually dare to try it out. :D

So that night, I had already planned on experimenting with some deep-fried ice cream after I hungrily swallowed my chicken wraps down. Seeing as I had one more lonely kiwi in the fridge, I thought, why not put it to some good use too? And so, the Deep Fried Ice Cream Sandwich (with one lone kiwi) was born.

Deep Fried Ice Cream Sandwich

Makes 16 sandwiches

2 tall 600g loaves of bread
1 tub ice cream (approx 1.75 litres), flavour as you desire (I thought Sunnyside French Vanilla worked really well for this)
2 saucers, slightly smaller diameter than a slice of bread
Fruit (optional - I used Zespri kiwifruit, cubed)

1. It is important that your ice-cream is well-frozen before you begin. Also, keep the temperature of your kitchen low, if air-conditioned.

2. Place one slice of bread on top of one of the saucers. Try to position it so that none of your crusts are touching the edges of the saucer.

3. Place a scoop of ice cream in the centre of the slice of bread, and cover with another slice. Make sure the bread is neatly in position. Top with the other saucer.

For those using fruit, place a few cubes of fruit into the ice cream tub, and scoop around the fruit, making sure that the fruit is all encased within the scoop of ice cream i.e. no fruit showing.

4. Press both saucers together to seal off the ice cream sandwich. Tear away the unused portions and you'll get something like the top picture. 

5. Working quickly, pinch in the sides of the round sandwich with your fingertips. It gets particularly difficult to pinch and seal if you've gotten any of the crust, so be careful!

(Once the ice cream gets too soft, it won't pinch shut. I wasted two sandwiches this way! :( )

6. Immediately refrigerate ice cream sandwich before beginning on the next one. If ice cream gets too soft, return the entire tub to the freezer and begin again after 30 minutes.

7. Leave ice cream sandwiches in freezer overnight to set.

8. To fry, heat up oil in pan/wok until hot.

9. Fry each side for about only 10 seconds or until golden brown and flip.

10. When both sides are a nice golden brown, quickly remove from pan and drain excess oil. Serve immediately.

And there you have it, super easy, super yummy deep-fried ice cream sandwiches! And well, mine had kiwis in them to help cancel out some of the guilt... *hangs head in shame*. I served my family the guilty ones without kiwi since I only had one Zespri kiwifruit left to stuff in my ice cream sandwiches. Haha.

Before they all got completely walloped!

I remember buying these deep-fried ice cream sandwiches encased in bread from pasar malam when I was younger, but never knew they were so easy to make. Essentially it's only two ingredients without the kiwifruit! It's really simple to make, but the key to me is having the ice cream well-frozen enough.

My ice cream was a bit on the soft side between having to endure the trip home from the grocery store and my refrigerator... which let's just say is not the coldest in town. I was making sandwiches as fast as the ice-cream melted but still only managed about 3-4 each time before I had to return the tub to the freezer. So you'll see that there are not many pictures of the process, because I couldn't really couldn't afford to pause and take pictures!

(So I began watching a late night rerun of the Apprentice Asia and only resorted to making more sandwiches during each commercial break. What a way to spend Friday night, huh :p)

But well, it was all worth it in the end, because it tasted soooo good! Because it's just very lightly fried, the crisp on the outer bread layer quickly gives way to a pillowy soft texture once you bite into it. And then the ice cream just all comes oozing out... and I guarantee you'll forget about whatever diet you were on. The hot and cold, crispy yet creamy combination is to die for!

The version with the kiwis was really interesting, because the kiwis froze up completely and ended up with a refreshing ice lolly kind of texture right in the middle of the creamy ice-cream. Really yummy as well! Would try these with Zespri SunGold kiwis the next time because they're sweeter :)

Big smiles all round!

Actually, my family's really happy with the way this Zespri 14-day Scoop of Amazing Challenge is turning out because I've been feeding them a lot more food over the past 10 days or so! They've already started by asking me what's for next weekend but I'm telling them that the challenge is over this coming Saturday. Too bad. :p

Humour aside, I'm beginning to be really impressed by how versatile the kiwi is. Some of the other bloggers have come up with really crazy-sounding but seriously delicious-looking kiwi recipes! Don't forget to follow the #zespriMY hashtag for more looks at all our crazy kiwi adventures thus far and the Zespri website for more kiwifruit ideas. :)

Do you have any kiwi suggestions we could use? Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @dropsofcontentment! :) 

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