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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Food: Tabletalk @ TTDI

By now, you'd think that with the abundance of breakfast / brunch places in town, we'd have no problems picking out a place on a Sunday afternoon. But the opposite couldn't be more true! Armed with the new Cerato, a hatred of queues and traffic jams for parking, we spent one particular afternoon hunting for a simple place to grab a bite. 

I've always liked TTDI because it's usually not too crowded, but still has enough eateries to make it worth a trip there. That day when we visited, preparations for the ramadhan bazaar were in full swing, so traffic was more congested than usual. Tabletalk was quite empty though! A great plus for someone seeking a nice charming, quiet place =D

Tabletalk's niche is a claim to serve "real food", free from artificial flavouring, preservatives or colouring. That implies a commitment not to serve as much processed food as possible, and keep on working at reducing that over time. It's a big promise to make, and while we do appreciate their efforts to encourage healthy eating, we wonder how many in KL would actually appreciate a pledge like that...? Increasingly more, we're sure.

Anyway we didn't dwell too long on that, and instead focused on the main point - the food! We ordered a Butter Croissant (RM 7) to share, admittedly because I was craving croissants ever since we had that awesome one at Yeast Bistronomy!

While this one wasn't bad, it unfortunately couldn't match up to the impossibly high standards set by Yeast. This version also lost points because it wasn't very fresh, but was instead quite soggy. 

What was more interesting and satisfying was this Baked Egg with Cheese (RM 13), a dish of eggs baked with cheese, sauteed sausages and onions with Tabletalk's homemade tomato base, served with some bread. 

If you're a cheese or egg lover then you won't be disappointed with this! The whole pan is just brimming with melted cheese and glorious runny yolk. There's also plenty of sausages hidden inside to make a snack, although the sausages just didn't really do it for us. There wasn't really much flavour to the meat, which left us wondering if healthy and tasty cannot coexist in sausages. We also wish there were more than the two lonely pieces of bread they gave... Granted 2 slices of bread is quite normal for any appetizer or dipping dish, but there's no way 2 slices is enough for this entire dish! We had to use some of the bread from the big breakfast to mop up the cheese here =P

Did the words "big breakfast" pique your interest? I'm sure it did! Any big breakfast listed on a menu automatically becomes one of our potential choices when we're at a brunch date. Don't expect the hum-drum run-of-the-mill breakfast stuff at Tabletalk's Ultimate Brekkie (RM 18) though! For one thing, just look at that green in the middle. Where else do you get sauteed green vegetable in a big breakfast? =P

And not only that, there's also rosti as part of the setup. Slightly out of place, but we do love ourselves some nice rosti, and rosti does usually go with nearly everything =D

Again, these were the same sausages that we thought a tad bland. Their rendition of baked beans did not go down well with us either; the beans used were large and clumpy. Other than that, everything tasted... healthy and lightly seasoned, true to Tabletalk's promise of keeping it real. We'll be honest and say this big breakfast won't be blowing anyone's socks off, but you surely won't feel guilty having this.

Ah but if there is one area that Tabletalk does excel, it's at desserts! We decided to make room and try their French Toast with Ice Cream (RM 12), and boy we were so glad we did. (Either that, or we just like the most unhealthy options possible.. heh)

It's always easy to tell how we will rate a dessert - just observe how fast we wolf it all down! This was one of those, where everything was delicious from the first bite, from the fluffiness of the bread, to the combination of flavours with the ice cream! In the end we polished this off even faster than it took them to make it. =P

So while the food we had was rather simple, dessert made up for it! There is also quite an interesting menu for dinner, so maybe we will return another day for a proper meal. In the meantime, we'll just earmark Tabletalk as a place for a good dessert on a sleepy afternoon! =D

Tabletalk | Facebook
No. 4, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
TTDI, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 7733 7718
Opening Hours: Daily, 8am-11pm

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