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Monday, August 5, 2013

Food: The Steakhouse @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

So how has everyone been lately? It's been nearly a month since I've written anything for Drops in the past month, ever since starting the new job. It's all thanks to Wendy this baby is still running at all! So everyone, say a big thanks to Wendy for continually putting out content for you guys even with our hectic schedules =D

It's been awhile since we both went for a nice dinner together. I mean, sure we eat out a lot. But think about it; when was the last time you had a proper dinner date? As in dressed up, made up, put on that new shirt and the new pair of kicks, polished the car, picked up the lady and had a nice night out? Word to the guys: ladies love nights like that. But where do we take them?! 1 safe choice - The Steakhouse at Changkat Bukit Bintang

Located at the corner of Changkat Bukit Bintang, The Steakhouse occupies one lot amongst one of the most 'happening' streets in KL. The new brainchild of Werner Kuhn, man behind the famous El Cerdo & also Dining in the Dark, its design is quite open and casual, so don't expect a completely quiet and romantic evening. But sit further inside and it's far enough from the boisterous crowd around the pubs outside. Great place if you want to impress someone, but are scared of going too fancy and scaring him/her away! 

We were there that night by invitation of The Steakhouse, so between the 2 of us we tried to sample some of their best! Noting the fresh live oysters on the menu (RM 9 per piece), we knew we had to try some. There's also escargots that I was so tempted to try, but I know fresh oysters are always a bigger crowd puller. =D

Simply put, the oysters were extremely fresh. If all you've had before are the oysters at a buffet line, then you haven't experienced really good quality oysters! The ones here were top-notch and what's more, the accompanying shallot & wine vinaigrette provided was a perfect creation to complement the oyster flavour. Have this for the briny taste of the ocean, you won't regret it. Wish I had more!

Wendy chose the Florida Crab Cakes (RM 26). a set of 4 that comes with a side of tropical tartar sauce.

These were very soft and minced, easily eaten, stuffed with plenty of crab inside. That's a very important point if you're trying hard not to embarrass yourself on a first date! =P Take note of the tropical tartare sauce, which is markedly different from the normal tartar we use in fish and chips. This one was much more sour, which might not be everyone's favourite. That's okay though, because the crab cakes are fine enough on their own! Enjoy it with or without the sauce.  

Since Wendy chose crab cakes, I chose the Wild Mushroom Soup (RM 20). It may sound like a boring choice, but honestly I like to think a good benchmark of a more expensive restaurant is how they can make the most common dishes even better. In this case, Steakhouse doesn't disappoint with a soup that is very smooth and full of flavour, neither too creamy nor thick. For those who love a bit of mushroom to nibble on, there's plenty of that too. I found it excellent, but I think it's possible some will say it's a bit too salty for their liking. 

Having heard and seen a few pictures of the Beef Stroganoff (RM 48), I was interested to give it a try. Wendy initially wanted the BBQ Short Rib but since that wasn't available that night, I got my way and she ordered the Stroganoff! (Yes she gives in to me easily like that =D) 

This wasn't the average stroganoff we were used to though. Instead of using rice as usual, at Steakhouse the perfectly tender meat is accompanied with a big portion of rosti. It did go very well with the mushroom gravy, but overall we did find the dish slightly salty although the side of sour cream helps to take away some of that. The beef strips were really sauteed to perfection here though, which kept us happy. Something we would order again and again.

You might be wondering why I didn't just order the Stroganoff myself. That's because I was saving my order for a fine slice of Chilled & Aged Black Angus Tenderloin, weighing in at 200g (RM 98).

Served on a hot plate, on top of a bed of green and red capsicums in between, it's not our first choice of how we would like our meat served. I'm never a fan of sizzling hot plates because food tends to get stuck, but Steakhouse avoids that by making sure the meat is on top of some vegetables. On the other hand, the meat usually arrives undercooked and ends up being overcooked by the end of your meal which was exactly what happened here as well. The insides were still very pinky when I had asked for it to be medium well. It's the danger of serving on sizzling plates, one that takes a great deal of practice to master.

Then again, I'm also nit-picking slightly here, or else I'd be talking up this steak so much no one would trust our reviews anymore! The slab of imported Australian beef was undoubtedly fresh and minimally marinated, just enough to bring out its natural flavours & juices. I think on our next visit, we'll see if we can ask for another preparation, other than hot plate. All steaks come with your choice of potatoes (fries, mash or sauteed potatoes) and sauce (black pepper, red wine, mushroom, bearnaise & BBQ), although we don't think it needs the latter.

At this point we were already well settled into our dinner, but that's when Benjamin, our host came by and asked if we were interested to try some whiskey from the adjoining Whisky Bar. Well, what a way to end an excellent dinner, eh? =D

Not knowing head or tail on what would suit us best, we left the choices in the hands of our friendly bartender. He came back with some 10 year Laphroaig for me, and Auchentoshan for Wendy. Mine was chosen for being the most distinct, with a very dry smoky, manly flavour. The Auchentoshan for Wendy on the other hand, was lighter in colour, and smoother, more ladylike and fruity.

Regardless of which whiskey you choose, the process to go through is always the same. First, taste a little bit neat out of the glass. Remember to inhale slowly to take in the intoxicating smell first! Drinking neat is what purists would say is the only way to drink whiskey, so make sure you try this and don't skip this step!

The second step is to add just a two drops of water, and then try it again. When we savoured the whiskey this way, we were surprised just how different and consuming the taste was, with just the slightest addition of water. Water apparently opens up new flavour profiles in a whisky, something which was entirely new to us. 

Last but not least, the whisky tasting portion should be added to ice, again tasting slightly different with the dip in temperature. The Whisky Bar has this neat Japanese ice ball which they produce in-house with a press. The beauty of it is that it doesn't melt as fast as regular ice cubes, which is lovely for whisky because it doesn't get watered down as quickly as usual. 

The adjoining Whisky Bar

Having been to El Cerdo and trying the Werner & Andreas specialty desserts before there, we didn't want to have the same ones here again, so I asked for something unique only to The Steakhouse and we got this - the Belgium Chocolate Fondue (RM 35), a lush, luxurious pot of Belgian chocolate served with green apples, strawberries, oranges, bananas, grapes and sponge finger biscuits.

The fondue was a great choice for dessert and was absolutely amazing... most definitely, amongst the best we've ever tried. It was indeed love at first dip. The chocolate was extremely smooth and fragrant, but nicely rich without being too cloying. It went best with the bananas, strawberries and the grapes. Wendy has sensitive tastebuds when it comes to sweet stuff and she had a gripe with the apples because it tasted like it had absorbed some other flavours, perhaps the knife that had been used to cut up other savoury items, but I didn't taste any of that though. (Not much can get past Wendy you see.. =P)

The Steakhouse also has some tasty homemade ice cream, of which we sampled the Vanilla & Pistachio (RM 12 per scoop). Both were great. I particularly enjoyed the Vanilla, soft and fragrant with vanilla pods, which I quickly ate up as fast as it melted. Wendy preferred the Pistachio, which was a thicker, dense-textured scoop and not as sweet.

Finally, after we were so stuffed we could have rolled out of Steakhouse, the kind waiter brought us another of their signatures; a wonderful shot of spirit & lemon juice that supposedly aids in digestion. We couldn't have asked for anything more appropriate! =D

So between the steaks, the oysters, chocolate fondue, and fine whisky, it's safe to say we've never had such a pleasant meal for a long time! We really regretted not buying their 50% discount on LivingSocial when it was available, knowing what we do about the food now. Sadly, they don't have plans to launch another promotion any time soon, so when we do go back, (because we most definitely will!), we'll have to return with a heavy pocket and leave with a much lighter one. =D

The Steakhouse | Site
No. 44, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: + 6 03 2144 2268
Opening Hours: Daily, 5pm-11pm

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