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Friday, September 20, 2013

Food: Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village II, Bangsar

Sunday brunch food has become somewhat of a ritual for us. Every Sunday at around 1 pm, we'll begin our hunt for some comforting brunch (although yes, I know 1 pm already constitutes lunch time :p) and our latest find is none other than Nutmeg in Bangsar Village II

Last Sunday, traffic and parking in Bangsar was absolutely horrifying. By the time we secured a parking spot, we were starving and it was after 2, but Nutmeg was still full. We had to wait for about 10 minutes for our table, during which we got a full introduction to their cakes from their friendly dessert connoisseur, William, who's very passionate about these cakes! He mentioned that the OMG Chocolate Cake was their bestseller, so we filed away that bit of information for dessert later. :D

Fascinated by the cute little salt & pepper shakers.
The menu at Nutmeg has a fair amount of options, including an All Day Breakfast menu. The dishes all sound equally intriguing and we took awhile to narrow down our choices. Initially I had wanted to try some of their homemade gravlax, but we decided to save space for that OMG Chocolate Cake instead. 

The interior has its charm to it, a quirky cozy place where you can catch up with friends over a cuppa or cake.

An obvious choice was the Nutmeg Big Breakfast (RM 28), with some rare additions - fried macaroni & cheese and some salted beef - alongside the usual suspects of toasted brioche, sausage, confit mushrooms, roasted grilled tomatoes and two eggs, either scrambled, sunny-side up or over easy. 

We particularly enjoyed the sausage that came in the big breakfast, a spiced lamb one that was oozing with flavour and had good bite to it, none of that overly processed stuff. The mushrooms and tomatoes were extremely juicy and perfectly done as well.

While the mac & cheese chunks were an interesting addition and particularly yummy with the sweet chilli topping, make sure you eat it hot and soon after it arrives, because it hardens quite quickly.

Pure joy, these yolks!

The second choice was the Southern Fried Breakfast (RM 26), a well assembled medley of southern fried chicken, two eggs done in the style of your choice, hashed potatoes and gravy. We chose scrambled eggs this time since we had the sunny-side up earlier. Adam actually took the first bite of the eggs and went quiet while I worriedly watched his face for any expression... after a long pause, he reported that they were excellent! I agree, it was just the right amount of doneness and milk, and the consistency was good as well. So good.

I really didn't expect to get such a big piece of chicken, after all, it was a fried breakfast! (Not that we're complaining though, heh) The southern fried chicken was really good; the batter was nicely seasoned while the chicken thigh (boneless!) had flavour and retained its juiciness well. I thought it was just as good on its own or with the accompanying brown gravy but Adam found it just a tad salty without the gravy. The only bum note in this medley was unfortunately the biscuit, rather dry and uninspiring.

What happened next was a bit weird. Remember how I mentioned we got a complete introduction to the cakes by Chef William earlier in the post? He mentioned how the OMG Chocolate Cake (apparently named by their patrons, so it must be really that omg-ly good) was their topseller, and how it comes just lightly warmed so it gets all warm and oozy. Bam, we were immediately sold. :D (Well, Adam was. I took awhile longer to decide because I really wanted to try their famous papaya cake... but oh well, I hadn't had a good chocolate cake in a while.)

To our surprise, it came completely... chiller temperature. The layers weren't moist while the cake was cold and dry. It even took awhile to return because the wait staff couldn't understand what we wanted and couldn't quite get the attention of his supervisor. Loooong story short, we clarified that it was indeed supposed to be heated up prior to serving, and we got a slice of warm chocolate cake... which was amazing! The layers had become moist and decadent, while the chocolate had gotten all melty and rich. Rightfully named. :D Remember to ask for it to be served hot, if it doesn't come that way.

Food here tastes like its prepared with a lot of heart and passion. That, and the breakfast menu is reason enough for us both to return. Again, it's an all-day menu too, so you can feel like having scrambled eggs at whatever time of the day you desire. Service is still spotty after 5+ weeks of operation, but there's also lots more to try (gravlax, entrees, pancakes soon, sandwiches), along with a whole host of cakes/desserts that are enough to please everyone. It doesn't seem like many have caught on yet because the queues don't seem quite as crazy as other brunch places in KL... yet. Be warned!

Nutmeg | Site
Lot F-28A, Level UG
Bangsar Village II,
Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2201 3663
Opening Hours: Daily, 9:30am-10pm

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