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Friday, September 13, 2013

Snickers - You're Not You When You're Hungry

Hunger is a powerful motivator. The power and the call of an empty stomach can make us do things we never would have thought possible otherwise! For example, an empty stomach will fool us into thinking we can eat more than we should......

Overbuying burgers from myBurgerLab
Or perhaps, if we’re really desperate enough, we might even start seeing food where there is no food.......

Settling for hairy arms instead of milk...

So it’s no wonder that when we’re hungry, we’re just not quite ourselves! If you’re not dying of hunger right now, check out the video below to watch this emergency vid – a short video by Snickers that shows the terrible effects of a hungry stomach, 'cause You’re Not You When You’re Hungry!

If you’ve watched the video and you thought it seems strangely local, that’s because it is! It stars a few local names like Reuben Kang & Joseph Germani whom most of you may recognize from JinnyboyTV's videos, as well as our Asia's Next Top Model contestant from Malaysia, Melissa Th'ng. Aren’t we proud of our local talents? =D

At the same time, you can also head and down to the Snickers Malaysia Facebook fanpage to take part in their ongoing Grab & Win contest, where you could win some cool prizes! Just follow 4 simple steps:

1. Buy SNICKERS® with unique code.
2. Submit the unique code at (link only available via PC)
3. Play the game
4. Top scorer of the week wins Samsung Galaxy Camera and 2nd & 3rd highest scorers win a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s each!

So... Can I have a Snickers bar please?

Even though a pack of Snickers is perfectly worth spending a couple of RM on, the added bonus of possibly winning weekly prizes makes the offer irresistible! Even little Jaimie will be asking… Hey, can I have a Snickers bar too?! =D

*This post was a advertorial brought to you by Snickers Malaysia.

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