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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Travel: Taiwan - Hotel QUOTE Taipei, a highly recommended boutique hotel by us!

This post is part of our A Tale of Taiwan: 109N Taiwan Itinerary! For the itinerary, click here.

When traveling, there are always 2 important things to look for in a hotel. 1) A central location, and 2) Comfortable rooms!

Most of us tend to sacrifice more of (2) to get more of (1) under the pretense that (2) isn't such a big deal. But let's face it; given a choice, who wouldn't want to stay in a luxury hotel in the heart of town right?! We thought it'd take us another 10 years before we could think of affording such a treat, but thanks to the generosity of Hotel QUOTE, we've crossed this off our bucket list at the tender age of 25. =D

There are many 5 star hotels in Taipei, but Hotel Quote manages to distinguish itself among the rest. Besides being part of the exclusive club of Small Luxury Hotels, it is also the a TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice winner for 2012 and 2013! If you trust TripAdvisor (which I'm sure you do), then you can trust that Hotel Quote is really something special to win this award 2 years in a row. =D

Step through the doors of Hotel Quote and be instantly transported out of the hustle and bustle of Taipei street traffic into the calm lobby and bar of Hotel Quote. Intricate designs line the walls of the bar where business really takes off on weekend nights. A really nice place for entertaining or impressing dates and friends. =D

After going through a painless check-in process, a kind staff will be assigned to lead you to your room. I loved the numbering design of the room doors; reminds me of Tron! 

And just, wow. What a sight to be greeted with after a long day on our feet!

Hotel Quote has several room types, and the one we stayed in was the U Room (rooms are named after each alphabet in QUOTE) - a 25 sq. meter room with a king size bed. It may not sound spacious, but it was more than enough for us because it made up for it in luxury.

The desk/work area

Once inside, the staff will give a brief run-through of all the things available in the room, and how to use them. If you're wondering how important that can be, you'd be surprised. For example...

....maybe you need assistance with the Bose digital stereo system with iPod dock...

...or maybe you don't know how to work the complicated phone with lots of menus and buttons and services....(trust me even we needed an introduction to the phone)...

...or perhaps you're wondering how to make use of the Nespresso coffeemaker? And oh by the way, is the coffee free? Why, yes sir it is! Capsules are refilled each morning. :D fact, everything that is edible in the room is covered in the room charge, and is replenished on a daily basis. No worrying about hidden or extra charges, thanks to all the free snacks & drinks in the minibar! Awesome feeling, I tell you. 

Wooden sliding doors enclose the toilet area from the room. 

Thankfully, the toilet seat was heated. Such a godsend because we were there as it was nearly winter and it got pretty cold at night. TOTO Washlets toilets are also installed in Hotel Quote complete with washing & drying facilities.


The shower walls are fully made from glass, but right after the sink, there is a thick curtain that closes off the entire washroom from the rest of the room for privacy. Only pity was that there was no rain shower, but we can do without that.

The Damana Organic products are used in Hotel Quote - Wendy certainly enjoyed using the lotions provided. 

The rest of the room is what you'd expect from a boutique establishment too. From bathrobes to umbrellas, and flashlights, safety deposit box. You need it, they got it covered. In fact, we even read in their room service guide that you could request for an OSIM massager from the front desk!

There's even a DVD player tucked away in a nook inside the table, perfect for a night of chilling in the room. =D

Awesome vintage feel at the lift lobbies with this house phone

But enough about the room. Let's go to the most awesome-est part of Hotel Quote - The Level 2 H.Q. Lounge area!

This is every insomniac's dream hideout. It's stocked with plenty of sweets, snacks and biscuits, or fruit if that's your thing. Cold drinks and juice are in the fridge too. All available on a take-all-you-can, around-the-clock basis for guests. It almost feels like stepping into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.. =D

Goodies are not just limited to the table. More sweets fill up jars lined up against the wall. Even hotel items like soap, sewing kits, shower caps, and more lollies are up for grabs from these glass vases at the lounge. Bliss!

And for entertainment, there are 2 Mac computers, a few TVs with CNN playing, and a vast variety of international magazines and newspapers to keep occupied. With all those goodies, is it any wonder we tried to spend as much time here as possible? Oh and the best part is, the lounge stays open for 24 hours a day. Hence why I think it's the perfect hideaway for insomniacs =D

Snacks, drinks and more snacks!

Really... a dream come true, this H.Q. Lounge. We spent quite a fair amount of time here, surfing the net to plan our next destination, enjoying some of the snacks, and relaxing.

For business travellers, there's also a small conference area in the lounge that can be corded off with some thick curtains, making it a neat discussion area that fits 6.

Every morning, the sweets are cleared away to make space for the breakfast buffet. It's not a very big spread, but there's enough variety between Asian and Western to satisfy everyone. Slightly disappointed with the bread rolls and croissants though, as they weren't not the freshest. But other than that everything was good.

So for the 2 nights that we stayed at Hotel Quote, we must have spent 60-70% of it in our room or the lounge, and I hope from all our pictures you can see why!

It was a great experience, and one we wouldn't have had without the generosity of Hotel Quote, so a big shoutout to them again. My one tiny regret? I didn't buy the Hotel Quote deer for a souvenir. =(  (Not the big one mind you, I mean the smaller ones in the basket. =P)

If you're looking for a central place to stay, and don't mind splurging a bit, we will highly recommend Hotel Quote. Maybe one day even we will be back there again. *fingers crossed*

For more pictures of the lovely Hotel QUOTE, do visit our Facebook album here.

Hotel QUOTE Taipei Site
5 minute walk from Nanjing East Rd MRT station
No. 333, Nan-Jing E.Road, Sec. 3
Songshan District, Taipei City 105, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2175-5588
Fax: +886-2-2175-5599
Reservation Direct Line: +886-2-2175-5589
Email: [email protected]

This post is part of our A Tale of Taiwan: 109N Taiwan Itinerary! For the itinerary, click here.

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