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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Best Brunch Places of The Year in KL & PJ!

On the very last day of the new year, we're looking back on the one food that we enjoyed the most in the past year, and we think it would have to be brunch!

This year, we've seen the brunch culture take over our food trail (and many of your food trails too) by storm. I can't place my finger on it, but there's just something about a thoughtfully assembled hearty brunch platter, thick fluffy French toast drizzled with syrup, or a wobbly egg, poached to perfection, that threatens to explode with sunny yellow goodness at the slightest prod of a fork. Having any one of those is an instant pick-me-up, and it almost ensures we have a good day after that.

Here's our favourite go-to breakfast/brunch places of 2013 in KL and PJ, in no particular order:


Nutmeg, Bangsar Village II

Nutmeg Big Breakfast (RM 28)
Southern Fried Breakfast (RM 26)
Nutmeg was a love-at-first-bite affair for us. The moment we took a bite of their scrambled eggs, and had a taste of their Southern Fried Chicken, we were absolutely hooked with no going back. The desserts are also very inviting - our favourite was having a tall slice of their OMG Chocolate Cake (yes, it's that good).

Pros: Excellent scrambled eggs. And, for once, fried chicken for breakfast? Hell, yes!
Cons: We thought the portions had shrunk on our second visit, hopefully it's been sorted out now.

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S.Wine, Publika

French Toast with Grilled Bananas (RM 22)

English Fry-Up (RM 39)

While we were less impressed by dinner at S.Wine their brunch has always been on my to-try list because many have written odes to their signature French Toast with Grilled Bananas - a sinful, naughty dish that includes streaky bacon, bananas, peanut butter, fluffy French Toast and maple syrup. Needless to say, we were S.Wine converts after that! The pork sausage and thick slice of pork ham in their Fry Up were also very good.

Pros: Excellent porky breakfasts, especially that French toast! To. Die. For.
Cons: The price isn't too friendly on our wallets, unfortunately. Easily the most expensive one on this list.

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Yeast Bistronomy, Bangsar

Croissant aux Thon et Mayonnaise (RM 10)

Toasted Brioche Bread (RM 6)

For something off the beaten brunch path, we visit Yeast Bistronomy along Jalan Telawi to change it up a little sometimes. It doesn't always have to be about sausages or poached eggs every weekend; instead, why not breathe a little charm into your mornings with some adeptly prepared pastry or freshly baked bread? If your answer is a resounding yes, we highly recommend Yeast.

Pros: The tuna croissant is one of, if not the best, that we have tasted in a long time!
Cons: Yeast has rather limited dining space, with half its space being taken up by the bar and open kitchen. 

Click here for the full post on Yeast Bistronomy.


BreadFruits Fruit & Bakery, Desa Sri Hartamas

SatisFry Up (RM 23.80)

Smoked Salmon Avocado Sandwich (RM 18.80)

BreadFruits is a little bakery-cum-fruit shop-cum-cafe in Desa Sri Hartamas that commits itself towards offering nutritious, wholesome meals. Forget the oil and deep-frying, and start off your day with some fresh juice and awesome fresh bread here. The sandwiches (and basicially just anything with their bread) are definitely worth a try. We also enjoyed their SatisFry Up, less sinful that our usual brunches, but not any less satisfying!

Pros: A big thumbs up for preparing the healthiest, wholesome brunches in town, and a double thumbs up because they can make healthy taste so good. :)
Cons: Parking is narrow and scarce around Desa Sri Hartamas... you gotta be prepared.

Click here for the full post on BreadFruits.


The Red Beanbag, Publika

RBB Signature Breakfast (RM 19.90)

French Toast (RM 13.90)

The Red Beanbag was actually our final post for 2012 and after a year later, it finds itself in our final post for 2013 too. We have a fond spot for RBB in our foodie hearts because it was established at a time, in our opinions, where the brunch scene was lacking (besides the likes of Antipodean, of course). In entered RBB, with a new fun take on brunch dishes. Their French Toast coasted with almonds, although simple, remains one of my favourite interpretations of this classic dish.

Pros: You know exactly what you're getting at RBB, no pretenses and no teething problems to work through. Just awesome, dependable brunches to start your day, on the right foot.
Cons: The crowd is just insane. RBB has its own legion of dedicated fans and so, it makes it difficult to secure a table here during peak hours.

Click here for our full post on The Red Beanbag.


The Good Batch, Damansara Uptown

The Angmoh (RM 25.90)

The Norwegian (RM 20.90)

Having just only managed to see (or rather, taste!) the hype about The Good Batch for ourselves recently, it manages to sneak right into our list at year-end! We like The Good Batch because their menu is well thought-out and it stands out amongst all the other brunch players, despite its recent beginnings. They also seem to have a way with eggs; we enjoyed both the scrambled and poached eggs - lots of sunny, yolk goodness.

Pros: Brunch is part of their all-day main menu; plus, there's an all day bar! And, they make seriously kick-ass poached eggs. Like, seriously.
Cons: We're not a big fans of the fact that smoking is allowed indoors.

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Besides those we've tried and tested, there's also other popular brunch places we've yet to try, but will most definitely be part of our brunch adventures in 2014 - places like That Latte Place, Nosh, Podgy and the Banker, Mr & Ms - so many places, but so little time!

How about you, which ones are your favourite brunch places of 2013? We'd really like to know! :)

And also, here's wishing all you readers a very Happy New Year from both Adam & I... may your new year ahead be filled with lots of surprises, special moments and sweetness! :)

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